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Feb 09th

Flow, Northside 365

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compositions by Bill CottmanFLOW, the Northside Arts Crawl has teamed with Northside 365 to bring storefront pop-up gallery to the windows of West Broadway businesses.  

The seventh annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl is Sat., July 28, 2012 from 2 p.m. - 8 p.m. FLOW is a self-guided art tour featuring North Minneapolis visual and performing artists showing at businesses, studios and organizations along West Broadway.

FLOW is excited to introduce its partner, Northside 365 to corridor businesses and visitors. Northside 365 is a cohort of 15 to 20 Northside photographers, amateurs and professionals who are residents of North Minneapolis. The photographers have collaborated to share their North Minneapolis stories through a daily photo exhibit.  The seven lead photographers on the project selected a day of the week and pledged to take and share a photo for each date and share their photo on their websites and Facebook. The project spanned 12 months from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.  

“The project is all about what is unique and inviting about North Minneapolis,” said Northside 365 photographer Ariah Fine. “Even if people have been following the project online they should check out the storefront gallery, the photos will be larger and showcase the 40 best.”

A goal of the project is to show off all of the daily life, amenities, and culture to those outside the community; the project accomplished just that but it did so in a critical time for the community.  

“Although the project was not directly related to the tornado that hit North Minneapolis in May 2011, it happened to coincide with the devastation and recovery,” explained Fine.  

Several of the photos document the impacts of the tornado and the spirit of rebuilding.

Photo is by Beverly CottmanBill Cottman, Northside 365 photographer, became passionate about taking photographs in 1969.

Pictured: Bill Cottman

“In high school I wanted to be a commercial artist but my school did not offer guidance in this area so I became an engineer and photography became my tool for self-expression,” said Cottman. “I make exposures intuitively, memorizing each one and routinely reviewing them through my filter of daily living.”  

As part of the project, Cottman took a photo every Monday for 52 weeks.  Several of Cottman’s photos captured a changing landscape of North Minneapolis and faces that were impacted from those changes both positive and negative.  

“I selected Monday as my day to make photographs because I wanted to begin each week with a focused inspection of the Northside. I see the Northside every day, because I live here,” said Cottman. “I make photographs that I call ‘social landscapes.’ Everything is subject-matter for me. Everything that you read about the Northside contains truth, but the reality of the Northside is within what you see, how you feel about it and what you do. Northside 365 is only a representation of this reality. If you wish to form an opinion, you must visit.”

FLOW brings thousands of visitors to the West Broadway corridor for one day. Northside 365 is daily documentation of the North Minneapolis community.  This intersection creates the opportunity for thousands of people to see 365 days of North Minneapolis all while standing on the West Broadway corridor.  

“FLOW has been at the forefront of the cultural corridor work happening throughout the metro area.  We have been leaders in such efforts as pop-up galleries, storefront art and public art as part of the streetscape that you are now seeing across neighborhoods in the U.S.,” according to Dudley Voigt, FLOW Artistic Director. “FLOW has a seven year history of involving business along the avenue creating unique partnerships between you and Northside artists.”  

FLOW was born out of the idea to create a place where all of the Northside assets could connect and thrive including businesses, artist, and residents.  “West Broadway Businesses have exhibited and installed art both inside and outside their buildings during FLOW and throughout the year for the past seven years,” said Voigt.

There is still time to get involved in FLOW and Northside 365. To host storefront art or a pop-up gallery, or for more information about FLOW contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Northside 365 will soon be launching year two of the project. The complete Northside 365 gallery can be found at


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