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Oct 22nd

Letter to the editor: A moment of silence

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silenceMy name is Ornida Moua and I am a student at Augsburg College. I've written a letter that expresses my opinion about the violence that has been happening in the community.

Violence is not the key to a prosperous community, because it does not resolve anything. Regardless of what the underlying factors are under every situation, the most common motive behind someone's rash action is to preserve face and their pride. However, the truth of the reality is that by committing a violent act, it is not damaging to oneself but the community as a whole.

As a concerned citizen, I believe we can resolve issues without the usage of violence.

In a world that is constantly changing, frustration can pile up. However, there are various outlets and help programs around the Twin Cities that can help someone cope with change. Help is but an arm reach away.

The goal is not mass accumulation. Preservation is key. Instead of looking forward try looking back—for once. Our roots, where ancestors came from, the bloody path that our parents—grandparents were forced to push through to get us here should rekindle the flame inside our heart to want better, to aim higher, to do greater deeds.

A moment of silence is needed. Desperately.

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