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Feb 10th


Reflections on MLK, race & colorism

Reflections on MLK, race & colorismAs the nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s 86th birthday, we are immersed in an intensive, often divisive, conversation about race in America. Sixty years after King marched through the streets, like he did in Selma and cities throughout the South, we find ourselves still on the streets battling many of these same issues. The 2014 "battle" has focused on how police treat us in our communities, which have pitted "white police" against black citizens. My concern is that we are too narrowly focused. We need to make sure we battle this issue of race on all fronts. Today, we face prejudice from those outside the black community and from within it as well. Let's face it: Skin color is still an issue in our community. The bullying that takes place between dark skinned and light skinned people is alive and well – and quite honestly Martin Luther King would be hurt to know that we're not living up to his call for us to judge each other by the content of our character, not the color of our skin.

Prayers for our children for the New Year

Prayers for our children for the New YearIn a world rife with war, religious, racial, gender, sectarian, and political strife, when so many children lack safety, enough food, shelter, health care, and education and suffer unthinkable losses of parents to disease, violence, and war, I hope this New Year will bring adults closer to our common sense and moral responsibility for children's well being.

Ed Brooke doesn't get his due

Ed Brooke doesn't get his dueSandwiched between the deaths of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and popular ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott, the passing of former Massachusetts Senator Edward W. Brooke III at the age of 95 did not get nearly the attention it deserved.

Sony and the sociology of racism

Sony and the sociology of racismAs a result of the North Korean related hacking of Sony's computer system, certain "racist" emails of Sony executive Amy Pascal were made public.

Nobody Asked Me: On Bernadeia Johnson's resignation: 'Gap' is a designed element of American education

Nobody Asked Me: On Bernadeia Johnson's resignation: 'Gap' is a designed element of American educationNobody asked me but Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson's resignation was the latest in a string of bad days for Minneapolis' Black community.

Support normalizing relations with Cuba

Support normalizing relations with CubaPresident Obama's historic announcement that the U.S. is restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba, after more than five decades of strategic political and military opposition, is today resonating positively throughout Black America. It is in the economic, cultural and political interests of 42.7 million Black Americans across the United States to focus on the new emerging opportunities to strengthen relationships with the people and government of the Republic of Cuba.

What's really behind Obama's Cuba move

What's really behind Obama's Cuba moveThere were two big takeaways from President Obama's Cuban opening. The first is obvious. After 55 years of U.S.-backed invasions, covert efforts to sabotage and overthrow Fidel Castro, an embargo, and a Cold War freeze in diplomatic relations, the U.S. policy toward Cuba has been an abject failure. Raul Castro remains the official government head, and Fidel, is still a presence in Cuban life and a bigger than ever figure internationally. Obama took the logical step that almost certainly would have been taken years ago, except for a politically retrograde GOP and older, politically connected Cuban Americans, and that is to normalize relations with the island.
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