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Mar 06th


Loss of wealth, jobs stifle Northside recovery

Loss of wealth, jobs stifle Northside recoveryFive years since the housing bubble burst, and more than two years after a deadly tornado swept through, hard hit areas of North Minneapolis and nearby neighborhoods in the west metro region are still struggling with an enormous loss of home wealth, expensive and hard-to-find rental housing, and lagging incomes.

The hungry child

The hungry childWe were homeless.
My mom. My big sister and me.
We slept in the car. . .
We went to IHOP and we only got one pancake and we shared it.

That was our breakfast...
When I was tired of sitting in the car, I would talk to my mom.
She would always say a prayer so we could have a better life.
We should buy kids good food when they are homeless.
We should help them out.
-- Jasmine, age 7

Don't believe the lies of the rich (and far right)

Don't believe the lies of the rich (and far right)Nobody asked me, but I'm becoming more certain that this country is being stolen from its citizens.

Currently, the richest 1 percent of Americans has amassed as much wealth as the bottom 50 percent. I find it hard to believe that any 1 percent of the population is working harder or smarter than any half of the population. I find it equally hard to believe that this increasing concentration of wealth is the result of random economic forces.

What will (y)our legacy look like?

What will (y)our legacy look like?As America begins the annual ritual of "celebrating" the countless achievements of African Americans during the February observance of Black History Month, I think it makes sense to remind each other that the things we do every day will be the historical recollections for future generations.

Celebrating, continuing and building on Chip's success

We're used to making a big fuss over children's birthdays, but this week child advocates and families across the country are celebrating CHIP, the Children's Health Insurance Program, on the fifth anniversary of its reauthorization. One family who lives in the working-class Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia with their six-, four- and three-year-old children told us they celebrate and are grateful for CHIP every day. The husband is a talented freelance videographer and the wife cares for the children. CHIP has been a lifeline for the family, providing stability with health and dental coverage for the children. With CHIP coverage, she gets regular phone calls reminding her it's time for appointments or letting her know a dental van is in the area. CHIP has opened doors to high quality child-appropriate providers at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania Health System when needed and provided peace of mind for the hardworking father, whose income can vary wildly from month to month and year to year. CHIP has given him security knowing his children are getting the care they need without breaking the bank. The wife says, "The kids wouldn't have had health insurance if it wasn't for CHIP."

Why Black America desperately needs another Charles Hamilton Houston

Why Black America desperately needs another Charles Hamilton HoustonDespite a downturn in the economy and skyrocketing unemployment rates, engineers of social change are in high demand. These engineers seek to create transformation in their communities through the exercise of leadership. Engineers of social change recognize that leadership is about leveraging one's influence to remedy injustices and eradicate systems of marginalization. Needed now more than ever are social engineers within the African American community, who will seek to address emerging racial justice issues like mass incarceration and disparities in the educational system.

There's still a need for HBCUs

OK, this time, somebody actually did ask me.

I was asked, "What makes you think that your dad's experience nearly a century ago, or yours, nearly a half century ago, should inform any decision about education today?"
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