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Oct 09th


Obama is no 'lame duck' president

Obama is no 'lame duck' presidentAlmost as surprising as Barack Obama's election as the nation's first African American president is his success in not becoming a lame duck president, a term normally applied to a politically weakened outgoing president's last two years in office.

Black votes matter

Black votes matterAs we enter the 2016 political campaign season with numerous candidates for president of the United States in the Republican and Democratic parties, it appears once again that the political and economic interests of Black America are not being adequately addressed by either of the major political parties. It is as if the Black American vote is being taken for granted.

The power of "prophetic" grief

The power of "Prophetic grief is more than crying and sighing and weeping and mourning . . . Prophetic grief is planting gardens of healing in the midst of raindrops of blood. Prophetic grief is declaring to the world that love is stronger than hate, that God's grace is greater than our grief, that God's power is greater than our pain." – Reverend Otis Moss, Jr.

'Angry Black' gunmen

'Angry Black' gunmenAlison Parker, a rookie news reporter at WDJB, the Roanoke, Va. CBS affiliate, had turned 24 just days before she was murdered on August 26. Her work partner, cameraman Adam Ward, was about to move to Charlotte, N.C. because his fiancé, a producer at WDJB, had a new job.

Misty Copeland danced her way to the top

Misty Copeland danced her way to the topFighting for freedom and equality comes in numerous different forms, vessels and vocations, particularly in a society with a history of stereotypical distortions about human capacity and ability based on race and ethnicity. Therefore, it is important to note whenever there is an irrefutable exposure of some of those false myths and caricatures.

How low will the GOP go?

How low will the GOP go?Karl Marx famously wrote, "History repeats itself, first time as tragedy, second as farce."

So, his ghost must have eagerly joined the many living in this dimension who last week thoroughly enjoyed the two spectacles that underscore the chaos within – and perhaps even the coming-apart of – the Republican Party.

Emmett Till's life still matters

Emmett Till's life still mattersThe more things change, the more they stay the same. Racially motivated murder of young Black Americans across the United States is not a new or rare phenomenon. For too long this brutally fatal manifestation of the madness of American racism has persisted in the face of public horror and disgust.
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