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Mar 03rd


Time to reform horse and buggy debt collector laws

Time to reform horse and buggy debt collector lawsAn adage advises that one man’s pain is another man’s gain. As consumers nationwide struggle to recover financially from the Great Recession, this adage is also a truism. Across the country, creditors and debt collectors are taking advantage of archaic laws to extract payments that satisfy court judgments for consumer debts.

A slave to slavery comparisons

A slave to slavery comparisonsThe brilliant surgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson is out of order and out of control when he compares the Affordable Care Act to slavery. As a physician, he must know how many people lack health care, and how much work this administration had done to right that wrong. As a health advocate, he must have seen those men and women who decide to forego pain medication in favor of something to eat for their children. As a distinguished medical leader, he must have read the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports that talk about the differential ways in which health care is delivered in emergency rooms, with Black and Brown men less likely than others to receive medication for their pain, even when it involves a broken bone.

North Minneapolis is burning

North Minneapolis is burningPam Peters has lived in the Harrison neighborhood in North Minneapolis for 12 years. She's a resident leader on the board of the Harrison Neighborhood Association and also identifies as a lover of the outdoors. Pam has been an active hiker for decades, from the foothills of Denver where she used to live to the Theodore Wirth Park trails right outside her door. Yet when Pam steps outside onto Glenwood Avenue, exercising becomes a difficult task.

Child poverty remains at record high levels

Child poverty remains at record high levels21.8 Percent of Children Poor – including over one-third of Black and Hispanic Children

"We need to create jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs that pay enough. When will enough of our leaders get it?" – Marian Wright Edelman, Children's Defense Fund

Faith, mental illness, and our community

Faith, mental illness, and our communityWith the recent Rick Warren interview September 17, 2013 on CNN, the conversation about faith and mental illness has once again gained national attention. Rick Warren, founder and senior pastor of the megachurch Saddleback Church and author of "The Purpose-Driven Life," was interviewed for the first time since his son committed suicide four months ago after a life long battle with mental illness.

The "I Am Troy" Call to Action

The Two years ago last week, the state of Georgia ignored the facts, doubts and pleas of hundreds of thousands of people and killed Troy Anthony Davis. Today, on the anniversary of his execution, we rededicate ourselves to ending the immoral, biased and ineffective practice of capital punishment.

Pooling our resources is key to Blacks' wealth

Pooling our resources is key to Blacks' wealthA. Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction. The Black writer contends that: "Despite strong evidence to the contrary, many Blacks believe with all our hearts and souls that the path to equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity lies in electing people to political offices." If you don't see the truth in Bailey's statement, it's for sure you won't be inviting him to speak to your church or organization. Others who wanting to engage in stories that empowered and enlightened the Black masses, are booking the self-described Garveyite to tell African-American audiences that they have "been bamboozled" into believing that voting and politics will change their lot in life.
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