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Mar 02nd


King and the Palestinian struggle for freedom

King and the Palestinian struggle for freedomIn one of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most memorable writings, his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” he bemoaned the failure of Americans to speak out, to break their silence when witnessing injustice and immoral acts against humankind. He confessed his disappointment that Birmingham’s white Christian and Jewish communities were more devoted to “’order’ than to justice.”

St. Johns County National Park Service Model

Over the last four years a group of St. Johns County residents have been working to extend the National Park Service (NPS) Gullah-Geechie Cultural Heritage Corridor to St. Johns County.   On Thursday, February 18 and Friday, February 19 we moved one step closer to our goal.  The NPS/Gullah-Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commissioners were in St. Augustine for their first public meeting of 2010 and to view some of our historical sites.  

Saving the soul of the religious left

A reader recently sent me an email admonishing me for not being more supportive of President Obama.  For reasons that were not immediately clear, he also raised the issue of my confessed Christianity.  The “aha” moment came when he asked, “Do you pray for your leader like you’re instructed in the good book?”  I responded that while I have prayed for the president, I do not do so regularly. That, in his mind, was evidence of my Christian hypocrisy. 

Sick and tired of being invisible: A statue for Fannie Lou Hamer

(NNPA) - As Black History Month draws to a close, it is interesting to ponder the many ways we have (and have not) commemorated the month that evolved from Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s 1926 inception of Negro History Week.  In the nearly 75 years since the Harvard-educated historian asserted the importance of African American History, African American people have moved from the outhouse to the White House, and many would argue that we are better off than we have ever been.  Others would point to the disparities in income, employment, education, and opportunity to suggest that much more must be done before we have attained social and economic justice.

Stimulus plan averted a second Great Depression

Although President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan created or saved enough jobs over the past year to prevent the United States from plunging into the second Great Depression, most Americans grossly underestimate what the package has accomplished.

Benjamin L. Hooks: Internet Service crucial to advancement

(NNPA) - The nation's top officials at the Federal Communications Commission came to Memphis to learn about the state of our high-speed Internet service and how it affects our city. These officials wanted to find out whether high-speed services are being deployed in a way that allows all Americans to benefit.

I've got your deficit commission right here!

Even as a bloodbath looms in the November distance, the Obama administration continues to push healthcare because they know that Americans love their entitlements like winos love wine.  They are betting the farm that once that fiery warmth begins running through the National body we will not only love national health care, but will fight to defend it.  We will also be too glassy eyed to notice that we have suddenly signed away our liberty, becoming slaves to those that serve us.  But I digress.
Like wine, entitlements cost money.  Sadly the more addicted we become the less money we have to spend on more important and often essential things.  The wino lacks food, housing and clothing; the entitlement addict lacks employment, savings and luxury.
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