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Mar 03rd


Food insecurity: A disgraceful reality

Food insecurity: A disgraceful realityAfter witnessing the national media coverage of the Chicago Public Schools teachers' strike of 2012, one distinct and disturbing image still haunts me.

Wicked apparatus enables Minnesota poverty

Wicked apparatus enables Minnesota povertyIt seems that each year a national report from one agency or another notes Minnesota fares particularly well as compared to other states when it comes to the general well-being of its citizens.

Michael Dunn verdict the beginning of justice in the killing of Jordan Davis

Michael Dunn verdict the beginning of justice in the killing of Jordan DavisWashington – Today a jury found Michael Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted murder and one count of firing a deadly weapon in a November 2012 shooting which left 17-year-old Jordan Davis dead. The judge declared a mistrial on the charge of first degree murder and a retrial may be scheduled for later this year. Advancement Project Co-Director Judith Browne Dianis issued the following statement in response:

Loss of wealth, jobs stifle Northside recovery

Loss of wealth, jobs stifle Northside recoveryFive years since the housing bubble burst, and more than two years after a deadly tornado swept through, hard hit areas of North Minneapolis and nearby neighborhoods in the west metro region are still struggling with an enormous loss of home wealth, expensive and hard-to-find rental housing, and lagging incomes.

The hungry child

The hungry childWe were homeless.
My mom. My big sister and me.
We slept in the car. . .
We went to IHOP and we only got one pancake and we shared it.

That was our breakfast...
When I was tired of sitting in the car, I would talk to my mom.
She would always say a prayer so we could have a better life.
We should buy kids good food when they are homeless.
We should help them out.
-- Jasmine, age 7

Don't believe the lies of the rich (and far right)

Don't believe the lies of the rich (and far right)Nobody asked me, but I'm becoming more certain that this country is being stolen from its citizens.

Currently, the richest 1 percent of Americans has amassed as much wealth as the bottom 50 percent. I find it hard to believe that any 1 percent of the population is working harder or smarter than any half of the population. I find it equally hard to believe that this increasing concentration of wealth is the result of random economic forces.

What will (y)our legacy look like?

What will (y)our legacy look like?As America begins the annual ritual of "celebrating" the countless achievements of African Americans during the February observance of Black History Month, I think it makes sense to remind each other that the things we do every day will be the historical recollections for future generations.
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