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May 23rd


A concrete way to remember and honor Nelson Mandela

A concrete way to remember and honor Nelson MandelaLast month, all across the world people joined together to mourn former South African president and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. There was a deep shared sense of loss at the passing of one of the rare human beings who truly helped change the world. He suffered extraordinary hardships, spent 27 years in prison, including 18 on Robben Island under the harshest conditions, and walked out ramrod straight, unbowed, full of a spirit of reconciliation, and offering a hand of peace and hope. He became the first Black President of his country and transformed the way we view leadership and our individual human ability to make the impossible possible.

Ethnic mix in schools not as important as student success

Ethnic mix in schools not as important as student successNobody asked me, but there's a lot of hot wind blowing around about what ethnic mix is the best school setting Black parents should be considering for their children.

In my view, the importance of these choices is rivaled only by the importance of barring as many Republicans as possible from elective office anywhere in this country.

Is the American dream of homeownership ending for African Americans?

Is the American dream of homeownership ending for African Americans?The US Senate is currently considering legislation that would turn back the clock on opportunities for African Americans and other people of color to own a home in America. The Corker-Warner legislation would transfer the securitization role that historically has been performed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to a new government agency, the Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation (FMIC). However, in this transfer, gone would be the requirement that Fannie and Freddie or its successors provide credit to all communities through government affordable housing mandates that encouraged lenders to originate mortgages for low and moderate income families – many of whom were Black and Latino.

One year later

"We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear. –Nelson Mandela

"I've heard people say that the tidal wave of anguish our country felt on 12/14 has receded. But not for us. To us, it feels as if it happened just yesterday. And in the [months] since we lost our loved ones, thousands of other Americans have died at the end of a gun. Thousands of other families across the United States are also drowning in our grief."

"Please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy." –Francine Wheeler, mother of first grader Ben murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Nelson Mandela: Tolerance in an intolerant time

Nelson Mandela: Tolerance in an intolerant time*This article originally appeared on Roger Thurow's Outrage and Inspire blog.

What will he say? What will Nelson Mandela say after 27 years in prison?

Power to forgive: Mandela's death and Babri Demolition anniversary

Power to forgive: Mandela's death and Babri Demolition anniversaryDec 07, 2013 - He was going for a long time. It was time, indeed well past time. But still the heart catches when the news finally comes.

Waking up to a world without Nelson Mandela is not unimaginable. We have come perilously close to it over and over again. The idea of Nelson Mandela was strong. But the reality of Nelson Mandela had been on life support for a long time.

Mandela, pacifist or rebel?

Mandela, pacifist or rebel?MONTEVIDEO, Dec 6 2013 (IPS) - Perhaps it's a false contradiction. But today there are many who stress the pacifist message with which South Africa's Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) emerged from prison in 1990, while few put an emphasis on his rebellion against apartheid, including armed rebellion, which landed him in prison.
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