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Oct 25th


Student loan 'solution' is not good enough

Student loan 'solution' is not good enoughThe United States Senate finally stepped up to ensure that student loan rates would not double. There have been weeks of back and forth, but now Senators says they will tie student loan rates to the federal funds rate, which means that in the short-run the lowest student loan rates will be 3.86 percent, up slightly from 3.4 percent. The bad news is that these loan rates may rise up to a rate of 8.25 percent, depending on prevailing interest rates. All other loan rates, including those for graduate student, for Parent PLUS loans, and others, will rise as well.

We must do better: Look at the facts

We must do better: Look at the factsNearly 2,000 people attended Molly Conley's funeral last month to mourn the young humanitarian who was the victim of a random drive-by shooting the day after her 15th birthday. She was shot in the neck while walking with friends to a sleepover in a residential neighborhood in Lake Stevens, Washington. Molly was a 4.0 student best known for her kindness which she used to encourage her parents to care for infants waiting for foster families and to start a group called "Mother's Helper" that raised money to aid victims of domestic abuse.

Is American criminal justice color-blind? The statistics say no

Is American criminal justice color-blind? The statistics say noNoting that there are racial disparities in the American criminal justice system is hardly newsworthy. From stop-and-frisk to motor vehicle searches at traffic stops to sentencing, racial disparities abound in modern America. However, until the George Zimmerman trial for Trayvon Martin's death, one gaping disparity had received little attention.

Hope must prevail

Hope must prevailLike millions around the world, I'm still numb after learning a jury of six women – five Whites, one Hispanic – found George Zimmerman "not guilty" of murdering Trayvon Martin.

The only saving grace is while I was at the Seminole County Courthouse, I saw a melting pot of young protesters – many White – who were also upset with the verdict.

Until the killing of Black men...

Until the killing of Black men...Until the killing of Black men, Black mothers' sons, is as important as the killing of White mothers' sons, we who believe in freedom cannot rest.
- Ella Baker, Leading Mentor of Black Youth, including the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in the 1960's

CNN Special Commentary Part I: Responding to racism is not reverse racism

CNN Special Commentary Part I: Responding to racism is not reverse racismNationwide ( -- On Monday, July 1, 2013, CNN aired the special program "N-word vs 'Cracker': Which Is Worse?" hosted and moderated by Don Lemon. The segment stemmed from the George Zimmerman trial, coming as a result of the prosecution's star witness' claim that the late Trayvon Martin told her a "creepy a** 'cracker'" was following him just moments before his life was unrightfully taken. The defense attorney deftly took what Trayvon Martin was purportedly to have called Zimmerman - a "creepy a** cracker" - and successfully turned it into reverse racism. The use of the term "cracker" caused a fast and furious fallout throughout white America, raising the question over which term is most offensive - cracker or n**ger - and prompting the discussion of what is racism?

We must build our greatest strength: Diversity

We must build our greatest strength: Diversity"For a country regarded as the paramount leader in a multicultural world, the United States has yet to embrace its own diversity; continuing failure to do so will have profound consequences for governance."
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