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Mar 30th

Spoken Word: I Am Saved

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When I think of all the things that God has done for me,

I reminisce on a time when I fell and was down on my knees, begging for mercy.

Please, show me the light so that I can see,

He healed me.

He brought me through the storm and out of the rain,

He healed me from that dark lonely pain of being without Him, I might go insane.

My soul is starving for salvation, my spirit needs mercy, I need direction. So He gave me eyes to see and a heart to feel,

He sticks with me even when I stumble upon a hard time and question if God is even real.

When I'm reaching out, crying out, shouting out for help, he is my serenity, picking me up off my sore feet,

You raise me up.

Beyond the sky, I sore, on the wings of an angel, I am saved,

Thank God I am saved.

I'm a living testimony of the spirit within my body. The scriptures, they provoke my mind,

The past lives on, even in our time.

He is the truth, my strength, my light. He shines in me and through me.

Even when the darkness takes over me,

I know that I have God's army to protect me.

They try to justify that it's not true,

But they haven't seen what I've seen; I used to be just like you.

Lost, I was searching for a place to call my home. I couldn't find peace my soul was for lease, please.

I need His warmth; my heart is barren and cold,

I am no longer for sale, because I am sold.

To Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, he still loves us even when we exhibit sinful behavior,

He has forgiven us of our sins; He is doing us a favor.

So you can ask me why I get down on my knees and pray,

Why I thank Him each and every day.

Why I choose to follow the path that He has paved,

And all I can say is that it's because of Him that I am saved.

Toria Hill, 16, is an 11th grader at Eden Prairie High School and is taking college level courses.

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