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Feb 06th

Republican values inconsistent, at best

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I am amused by the National Rifle Assoc.’s (NRA) efforts to demonize liberals for their support of anti-gun legislation in the wake of the mass shootings we’ve been treated to in recent days.
I have received numerous, unsolicited emails and read Op Ed pieces, such as Jason Lewis’ Aug. 19 commentary in the Star Tribune titled “Liberals want badly to take away rights.”

He states, “There’s an old adage about taking away the rights of others jeopardizing your own … in the wake of every tragedy with a firearm, liberal Democrats show a remarkable willingness to sacrifice the rights of self-defense.”

Let’s talk about “the rights of self-defense.” Is there a graduate student out there who could research the number of home invasions that have been thwarted by armed home owners? I suspect that number is smaller than the number of instances of voter identity fraud. One writer even asserted his right to protect his home with ammunition clips of more than 10 rounds. Is he expecting characters from The Unit to burst through his door in search of leftover potato salad? No one who’s ever stared down the barrel of a gun thinks, “Well, he can only fire one shot at a time, and only 10 total; I think I’ll rush him.”

This myth that people won’t get shot if everyone has a gun is only believed by either people who’ve never seen a western movie or folks who don’t know the difference between a lie and the truth. If everyone in that Aurora, Col. theatre where dozens were ambushed by a heavily armed gunman had been armed and opened fire to “protect” themselves, the death toll would have quintupled. No one would have known where the original threat was and whom to shoot. Guns would’ve blazed until everyone was out of ammunition.  

Does it seem inconsistent to you that the same people who decry attempts to curtail the rights of gun enthusiasts would be willing to saddle a woman and her family with the pain of rearing and trying to love the product of a rape? And they would turn back the clock on abortion rights – hard won decades ago.

The right to vote is the most basic right Americans hold. Yet, Republicans, the NRA and their supporters would snatch that right from as many longtime and new voters as possible.

There are many more poor and middle class people than there are rich. So Republicans move to shrink voter turnout to improve their chances for victory. In Ohio, an attempt was made to allow polling places to stay open longer in heavily Republican, suburban areas, yet not in heavily Democratic, urban areas. Then the Far Right cries foul when it is suggested that a limit of 10 rounds in a clip is sufficient.

Inconsistent is not a strong enough word.

Let’s review.

Everyone should have the right to semi-automatic weapons with 30 round clips, but no one should have the right to an abortion. Government is too big if it funds Medicare and Social Security but it’s the right size if it funds troops in 175 countries around the world at a cost of $768 billion annually.

Come on, man!  Who's the pot and who's the kettle?

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