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Oct 04th


Crime is only one career option: Apply your skills with a better end in mind

Murder.  Now, there’s a career.  One good day on the job and you can look forward to a quick promotion to prison; leave your family, friends and freedom behind.  Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?  But are criminals’ minds really less brilliant than anyone else’s?

Summit Academy expands into St. Paul: offers training, free transportation to residents

Summit Academy OIC is taking its mission of empowering individuals to become educated, employed and contributing members of the community to St. Paul by partnering with a variety of nonprofits and providing free transportation for residents interested in participating in weatherization, construction and healthcare training at its Minneapolis facility. Summit has plans to open a St. Paul location in 2010.

Questions you need to ask your lawyer

At the Law Office of F. Clayton Tyler P.A. people walk through my front door every day to put my decades of criminal defense experience to work for them. When considering which cases I choose to accept, I look at a number of important questions. Just as you want to find the right lawyer to handle your case, most attorneys want to make sure that they can make a difference in the cases they take.

Career Plan Q & A: What does your next job look like?

You cannot have it all (where would you put it?) but you can have all of what matters most to you in your next position. Where are you willing to compromise and to what degree?  Which areas are critical must-haves? Which aspects of work are so important to you that missing these would force you to walk away from a job? 

What's Your (Online) Name? Consistency helps streamline profile online

I like to help job seekers by doing a quick internet search on their names and showing them what employers are learning about them online.  Here is what one person called, “a completely weird question” regarding finding oneself online:

New Roth retirement account options in 2010

When deciding whether to save for retirement using a traditional or Roth IRA, many people wrestle with the question, “When I retire, will my tax rate be higher or lower than it is today?”

Latest phishing scam hooks businesses, customers

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Minnesota and North Dakota is advising both businesses and consumers to be on alert for a new phishing scam. According to information provided by the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association, multiple Twin Cities auto dealerships have been targeted by scammers seeking customer information recently, leading to fraudulent charges on the credit cards of some of those dealerships’ customers.
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