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Aug 28th


Minneapolis businesses eligible for grants of up to $10,000

Minneapolis businesses will be eligible to apply for grants of up to $10,000 to help improve their business operations and profitability.   The grants will be provided by the Economic Growth Centers(EGC), a non-profit economic development  organization, with staff assistance from the Metropolitan Consortium of Community Developers (MCCD).   Businesses will be eligible to apply for the EGC grants if they are located within the City of Minneapolis, have been in operation for at least a year, with sales of up to $500,000. Priority will be given to businesses located in the Whittier and Elliot Park neighborhoods. More information is available on the MCCD website at or by calling 612-789-7337, ext 14.


SOS: Under a deadline, under pressure

SOS:  Under a deadline, under pressure


Writing under a deadline brings out the defiance in me.  I do it all the time and despite my best efforts, I sometimes fall behind.  The words that ring in my ears are:  are you surprised to have arrived here?  No, I knew it was coming.  Yet, all the other deadlines came, too.  There is a better way to work.  What I am about to tell you works for me.  I should use it more often.

2010 Census shows 65 and older population growing faster than total U.S. population

2010 Census shows 65 and older population growing faster than total U.S. population

The U.S. population 65 and older is now the largest in terms of size and percent of the population, compared with any previous census, according to a new 2010 Census brief released from the U.S. Census Bureau on the nation’s older population. The group grew at a faster rate than the total population between 2000 and 2010.

According to the 2010 Census, there were 40.3 million people 65 and older on April 1, 2010, increasing by 5.3 million since the 2000 Census when this population numbered 35.0 million. The percentage of the population 65 and older also increased during the previous decade. In 2010, the older population represented 13.0 percent of the total population, an increase from 12.4 percent in 2000.


Apply what you know: Job search strategies for salespeople

Apply what you know:  Job search strategies for salespeopleThere’s an old saying, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.”  Fast forward to today, and that translates to Bill Gates’ family not owning a computer, or Peyton Manning not owning a football.  Sometimes during a job search, people are so focused on their profession that they lose sight of their skills.  Sales people seem consistently guilty of forgetting how to do what they do best.

Sales people learn early to identify leads, make contact with decision makers and then convince them that this product exceeds all others in meeting the buyer’s need.  And yet, sales people change positions frequently and often have a terrible time finding new work when they need it.  What more is a job search than a sales project? 

Staying off the naughty (spending) list: Ten ways to avoid post-holiday regrets

The holidays are upon us, bringing all those personal and family images and sensations we cherish. But for many of us, there are a few not-so-joyous holiday sights (a purse overflowing with credit card receipts) and sounds (the ca-ching! of the cash registers marking our escalating debt). These negatives can easily outweigh all that we love about the holiday season, especially during this less-than-prosperous economic period.

The laws of consumer power in motion

Let’s give a shout out to English mathematician Sir Isaac Newton who, way back in 1687, developed the Theories of Black Consumer Power. Well, ok, if you want to get technical about it he didn’t name it that. He named it The Three Laws of Motion.  But wow, do they explain a lot about your consumer power.

Pants on fire? Don’t get burned

Pants on fire? Don’t get burnedRecruiters often need to hire people with specific, technical knowledge.  When I mention a skill to someone and he says, “I can do that,” I feel encouraged.  When she tells me where she learned that software or technique and how she applied that knowledge, I get jazzed.  When he tells me more about the skill or requirement than I know myself, I send him in for an interview.
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