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Oct 09th


Back to School? Stick with It

Back to School? Stick with It
Ah, September! When the leaves change and the school buses come out and everyone gets new backpacks and goes back to old routines. Reality check: for some people, back-to-school is a dreaded thing. Whether the fall brings high school, college, rehab or the graduate program you have been dragging yourself through, seeing it through to the finish line, to graduation, is not always fun, easy or even imaginable. Admit it. And then try a few tricks to help yourself stick it out.

Central corridor marketing campaign launches with billboard and bus ads

Central corridor marketing campaign launches with billboard and bus adsCampaign to promote the specialness and uniqueness of University Ave. businesses impacted by light rail construction

The first round of advertising to promote Central Corridor businesses affected by light rail construction began appearing last month on Saint Paul and Minneapolis billboards and Metro Transit buses.

Blacks more likely to use payday loans

Most payday borrowers use the small-dollar loans to cover ordinary living expenses instead of  occasional or unexpected emergencies,  according to a new research report by Pew Charitable Trusts.

Pressure: Why people choke

Take every emotion you have ever had, put it in a blender and fire it up. This is what it might feel like for an Olympic athlete standing on the edge of a diving board or in the blocks on the track or facing a balance beam or pommel horse waiting for the signal to start. Got pressure? Every sweaty, chalky, bloody day, every goal set, every sacrifice offered up, every thought and every breath has been about getting to now. Blow it, and the dream is over. There is no second chance today, and the next tomorrow is four years away. So how can it happen that even Olympic athletes choke under pressure?


For third consecutive year, Commissioners return pay

Since 2009, to help address tight budgets, the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners has encouraged all county employees to take special leave without pay, with a voluntary goal of 20 hours on average per year for each employee. In 2011, participating employees helped Hennepin save approximately $1.9 million by using special leave without pay. In 2010, the amount approached $2.5 million.


Coordinated attacks on clean energy hits wind energy industry

Over the past decade, the fossil fuel industry and its well-funded backers have mounted a coordinated campaign to discredit renewable energy and hinder its growth, according to a new report released today by the Sierra Club.

Vive La Différence(s)!

I’ve always loved the French expression “Vive la différence,” which originally referred to the difference between the sexes, then evolved to celebrate the differences between any two or more groups of people. Nielsen holds our annual Consumer 360 Conference each year, where we provide clients with more granular insights about today’s consumer.

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