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Oct 09th


Job seekers: Not having any luck?

Employers are looking for great people to hire; if a networking group online is focused on a certain industry, and the employer is hiring in that industry, they might go to that networking group’s website or and try to find a couple of rock stars. They might see that people can post comments, and they might read what these people have to get a glimpse into their perspective. So it is disconcerting to see job seekers bashing employers online.

What does a tax return have to do with health care? H&R Block knows

Company launches free tools and services, highlights 2012 income tax return as central to determining health insurance eligibility

Don’t let an “authorization hold” hold you hostage

Credit is a convenience; it allows you to charge a meal on your credit card, pay for an appliance with an installment plan, or take out a loan to buy a house. However, when dining out at a fancy restaurant or spending the night away in a hotel, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) says it’s important to take notice of what the banking industry calls an “authorization hold.”

Fundraising Good Times: UNCF telethon, a black history game changer

Fundraising Good Times: UNCF telethon, a black history game changerLights, camera, action. In 1980 the United Negro College Fund, UNCF, launched the Parade of Stars telethon. It became a nationwide fundraising program raising millions of dollars for generations of students, and support for historically black colleges and universities. It became the largest one-day African American special event in the country. It changed black history – and American history – creating an acknowledged culture of fundraising in the African American community. America's largest corporations became engaged. Small churches, teachers, sororities and fraternities became engaged. Donors and volunteers from across the country organized to support UNCF and celebrate black philanthropy.

Splatball, Inc. comes to North Minneapolis

Splatball, Inc. comes to North MinneapolisIt's been less than three months since Jim Emmerich welcomed players into his new paintball facility at 2921 N 2nd Street, but the owner of Splatball, Inc. is feeling settled in and happy to be there.

Workforce development creates gateway to opportunity

Workforce development creates gateway to opportunityScott Gray became president and CEO of the Minneapolis Urban League (MUL) in July 2009.

You need a good story

Inventor of the HANDy Paint Pail, Mark Bergman, spoke to a group of business leaders about his inarguable success: how he got where he is, what the joys and challenges are in his work, and how he incorporates fundamentals including family, fitness and faith into his success. His audience was curious about the topic to start with, and they stayed interested because Bergman had a great presentation style. He did not use loud music, Harlem Shake backup dancers or a PowerPoint. He just sat on a stool in his jeans and sweater and told people a few short stories.
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