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Oct 10th


Belva Rasmussen inducted into Hall of Fame

Belva Rasmussen inducted into Hall of FameBelva Rasmussen, Chair of Northeast Bank, was inducted into the inaugural Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame on Thursday, April 25. The Minnesota Women Business Owners Hall of Fame honors and recognizes Minnesota's female entrepreneurs and their advocates who have made significant and enduring contributions to impact women's entrepreneurial development in Minnesota. The official induction ceremony took place at Cargill World Headquarters and featured Roshini Rajkumar as the master of ceremonies.

Before you click send

In my not-so-long ago younger days, it was good practice to "hold your tongue" or "count to ten" to avoid saying something ridiculous during a disagreement. The advice was useful, and many professionals will tell you that holding back, even momentarily, propelled them forward in their careers. You will rarely get fired for thinking before you speak.

It Pays To Understand the Different Roles of Financial Professionals


For Immediate Release
April 30, 2013

SAINT PAUL, MN– In recognition Financial Literacy Month, the Minnesota Department of Commerce today reminds investors of the importance of understanding the distinctions between the various types of financial professionals.

Optimists: How do you fill your glass?

During a Leadership discussion last week, we were asked to rank ourselves and our lives on a scale of one to ten in regards to finances, fitness, fun, family and a couple other categories. Under fitness, I gave myself a ten, although I was feeling more like a four. I asked the group, if you say something out loud, does that make it true? Of course, I was referring to my fitness level, wholly personal and no global impact there, I promise.

Nonprofit partnerships: dollars and sense

Woman and minority owned businesses can benefit from well-defined relationships with select nonprofits.

If you have to

If 440,000 Americans are doing it, is it something you ought to be doing, too? Sure. If 440,000 people are eating fat-free yogurt, maybe you should, too. If 440,000 people use PowerPoint, maybe that's something you should explore. If 440,000 people watch The Voice, you might as well check it out, right? So, what are 440,000 Americans doing every year? What really cool thing should you be trying to be a part of? They're dying. From smoking.

FUNdraising Good Times: Your mobile device: friend or foe?

Who is more important: you or a group of your fellow nonprofit volunteers or professionals? What signal are you sending when you direct your attention to your mobile device instead of the group's discussion? If you believe the work of the organization or institution is unimportant, say so and work with your peers to restructure meetings. If not, give your attention to the business at hand. Each of you has carved out time from your busy schedules to attend the meeting: make the most of it.
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