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Mar 28th


Are your social security benefits taxable?

Are your social security benefits taxable?If you've recently begun receiving Social Security benefits or plan to apply in the near future, you may be wondering this tax season: are Social Security benefits taxable?

The short answer is: sometimes.

Watch out for tax identity thieves

Watch out for tax identity thievesTax season is here again, and the IRS says it will be emphasizing online services and automation this year to navigate the hectic tax filing season. In light of one of the most rapidly growing scams – tax identity theft – Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) encourages people to file their tax returns early in the tax filing season, if possible, which begins this year on January 31.

FUNdraising Good Times: Invest your time for fundraising returns

FUNdraising Good Times: Invest your time for fundraising returnsEngaged and effective nonprofit board members are the dream of board chairs and executives. "Ah, if only our board members were more engaged...." is a common refrain. "I can't keep fighting my board," is another. Board members also have concerns, "I don't know why we have board meetings: the executive makes the decisions, and expects us to rubber stamp them."

Alone in the Wilderness: Doing what's right when everyone else is doing something else

Alone in the Wilderness: Doing what's right when everyone else is doing something elseBlack History Month always brings out the bravery in me. Courage is not my strongest suit, and I usually think twice before I do anything very risky. But when I remember what other people have gone through, with no certainty that the outcome will be satisfactory, let alone safe, I am encouraged, again, to take chances, to stand up for what I know is right, and to bring others along when I can, ostensibly risking their lives, too, but doing it anyway.

7 people who are always broke

7 people who are always brokeNEW YORK ( — Despite many efforts to beef up my income and slim down expenses, I'm still somehow broke. I only have three months to make some major changes to earn more money, spend the money I have more efficiently and save up enough to continue my adventure. To do it, I need to identify what it is about me that makes me broke.

FUNdraising Good Times: How to recruit fundraising volunteers

FUNdraising Good Times: How to recruit fundraising volunteersSuccessful fundraising requires qualified volunteer leadership. Whether you are launching an annual campaign or a capital campaign you need a campaign chair who is committed to your cause and willing to put in the time required to achieve your fundraising goal. The ideal chair makes your goal his goal. He is well respected, has a track record of leadership in local and regional fundraising campaigns, and the financial means to make a leadership-level gift. He is someone people cannot say "no" to, and he hates to fail. He allocates the necessary time to lead and manage the campaign, and provides pro-bono services. He is comfortable making the case and asking for gifts. He both attends and leads campaign meetings, bringing out the best in others, and encouraging all to give to their capacity.

Headphone etiquette

Headphone etiquetteA good playlist at work is a good thing. People tapping away at keyboards all day say that music makes the day go faster and keeps them focused. Companies have known this for a long time. Before Beats, we had Muzak, soft (yawn) music piped in over a speaker above the cubicles. I once owned real estate in the form of a cubicle immediately under one of those speakers. Not for long.
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