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Aug 20th


Workshop, seminars and conferences: blessing or curse?

Workshop, seminars and conferences: blessing or curse?FUNdraising Good Times

Continuous training, education and exposure to new people and ideas can lead to continuous improvement, motivation, and engagement. Workshops, seminars and conferences add to the skill set and competency of nonprofit employees, executives, board members and volunteers. The question is: what happens after the workshop or conference?

Award recognizes Northeast Bank Community Service

Award recognizes Northeast Bank Community ServiceIn June of 2013, Belva Rasmussen, Ben Rasmussen, Eva Rasmussen and Sue Sjoselius represented Northeast Bank at the National Jefferson Awards celebration held in Washington, D. C. (Northeast Bank was selected to represent the Minnesota business community at the state level Jefferson Awards celebration held in November of 2012.)

First step to success: Show up

This is a message to business owners and little people alike: show up. The difference between those who succeed and those who don't is directly related to who comes to the table.

FUNdraising Good Times: Evaluate your nonprofit from a funder's perspective

FUNdraising Good Times: Evaluate your nonprofit from a funder's perspectiveDonors and funders don't necessarily tell you why they won't fund your nonprofit. Many will make their evaluation based your organization's presentation and reputation without sharing their objections. But, if you know the criteria by which you will be judged you can proactively prepare.

What does your nonprofit bring to the table?

What does your nonprofit bring to the table?Does your nonprofit's special event help sponsors and underwriters meet their business objectives? Do the benefits you offer align with the business needs of your sponsors/ underwriters? Here are some things to consider as you build your corporate partnership program.

Never negotiate salary

Never negotiate salarySometimes people send in tough questions; maybe there is more than one solution, or the solution is strongly intertwined in someone’s personal situation, so the answer becomes, “It depends.” However, the number one question that recruiters hear, and the question that has only one answer, is the salary question. I hope, someday, I hop in a Cash Cab and someone asks me about my salary expectations. I will get that one right every time.

Making the sale: You only have to ask once

Are there really only so many no's before a yes? Good salespeople say this is a fact. As do four-year-olds. If you ask often enough, you will get to the answer you want; you will get to the yes. Great salespeople say something entirely different. Great salespeople - phenomenal sellers, negotiators, brokers, and people managers - will tell you that no one ever changes their answer from no to yes just because you pressed. The way to get a yes, they say, is to not ask the question at all until you already know what the answer will be.
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