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Aug 29th


FUNdraising Good Times: Ice Bucket Challenge: It's contagious

FUNdraising Good Times: Ice Bucket Challenge: It's contagiousIn the heat of summer having a bucket of ice water thrown on you may not be a bad thing. It's a phenomenon that's sweeping the nation – contagious fundraising spurred on by social media, sports celebrities, television hosts, movie stars and international performers. Everyone – it seems – is in on it. Well, except for the two of us. We are enjoying the summer heat with no ice water – but we're giving to ALS anyway. Here's the reason: we want to be "in with the in crowd."

What's so great about Millennials?

What's so great about Millennials?Millennial, noun, meaning person reaching adulthood around the year 2000. There are about 80 million of them and although they are working for you now, you just might be working for them someday soon. Are you open to the changes this generation is bringing to the workplace? Do you wish they were more like you? Maybe other generations should strive to be more like them. Here are a few of their highlights.

FUNdraising Good Times: Leading by example

FUNdraising Good Times: Leading by exampleHave you heard about Raymond Burse, the newly appointed interim-president of Kentucky State University who voluntarily reduced his salary by 25% in order to ensure that all university employees would make a minimum hourly wage of $10.25? That's right, this HBCU president gave up a total of $90,125 so that 24 employees– some of whom were making $7.25 an hour – could receive a wage increase. On top of this he has pledged to give up additional salary to ensure no future employees make less than $10.25. He initiated the proposal to the university's board of trustees and they made the changes to his compensation package.

Project DIVA's Back to School Teen Fashion Show

Project DIVA's Back to School Teen Fashion ShowProject DIVA held a Back to School Teen Fashion Show at the Capri Theater (2027 West Broadway Ave.) to both celebrate the beginning of a new school year and to kick-off the grand opening for its new boutique, called Raiding a DIVA's Closet, in north Minneapolis.

How to answer the phone... no matter who's calling

How to answer the phone... no matter who's callingPeople rarely use a phone for conversation anymore. It's a lost art. So, when a phone call comes in, it's easy to forget the first rule of business: be nice.

Black journalists select Minneapolis for 2015 convention

Black journalists select Minneapolis for 2015 conventionBoston National Association of Black Journalists President Bob Butler recently announced that longtime member Rod Hicks will serve as chair of the 2015 Convention and Career Fair, to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, next summer as the organization celebrates its 40th anniversary.

How can we get any work done?

How can we get any work done?The evening news is on again: more shootings, more suicides, more fighting, more loss. Why go to work every morning if you might get shot on the way? Why come home at night when your neighbors' homes are blighted and trash lines the streets? How can anyone think about looking for a job when the world is such a bleak and hopeless place?
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