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Mar 29th


Absolute Tire and Wheel: For Ede, the name says it all

For most of us, when we think of the word “absolute,” we build our thought pattern around guarantees and expect nothing short of total and complete service. When Ron Ede, the owner of Absolute Tire and Wheel, sought to fulfill his entrepreneurial vision, he knew the name of his business would be a drawing factor for consumers.

What Obama should do in Africa

The Obama family is on a week-long international trip that will take in three very different countries and cultures: Russia, Italy, and Ghana. Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and Michelle's Mother traveled with President Barack Obama to meet First-world leaders and greet blacks in the Third world.  President Obama designed the trip to make Accra, Ghana his first official trip to sub-Saharan Africa.

Commerce Department to ensure Black firms get access to business opportunity in Recovery Act spending initiatives

WASHINGTON - U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Thursday said the Commerce Department is taking specific and immediate steps to ensure, increase and support access for Black owned businesses and businesses owned by other people of color in the massive federal Recovery Act spending initiative.

Staying power: (Plan Your Career) Long-held tenets of success still apply

Watching historically successful companies tumble like dominoes, I have been curious about what it takes to survive in tough times, for individuals and corporations alike.  Have the secrets of success changed?  Comparing what we know about today’s business triumphs against what worked in the past, it seems the old rules do still ring true:  success comes to those who work with multiple core values and a wide array of planning strategies.

(Plan Your Career) Bully Bosses: Is your leadership style an obstacle to success?

One of my best bosses was also the worst.  Glynn tackled every problem with a right hook.  She knew how to argue, and looked for opportunities to practice.  The consummate bully, if she disliked someone’s attitude, she complained about it to others.  If someone’s results were poor, she called them out in front of everyone, often shouting and, no kidding, stamping her feet.  Glynn taught us all we needed to know about how not to lead an organization.  Most people have encountered a manager like Glynn.  But what if you discover that the workplace bully is… you?

The Godfather of Soul's money

The James Brown Estate Battle kept probate lawyers busy since the Godfather of Soul died early Christmas morning, 2006.  Mr. Brown left behind at least 4 women he had married, along with 6 children through marriage and 3 others who may or may not have been fathered by Brown from women he hadn't married.

(Plan Your Career) Preparing for your career comeback

Already there are signs that the economy is turning around.  Anyone who has settled for whatever work he can get, or has been looking for work without results is looking forward to some positive news.  While there is no telling when it will happen, this financial crisis will end at some point.  Make sure that when your career has a chance to rebound, you are ready to help make it happen.  Working or not, improving your education, presentation and leadership skills will pay off when companies return to hiring and promoting great people.
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