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Oct 19th


(Plan Your Career) Gaps in employment a common problem for job seekers

(Plan Your Career) Gaps in employment a common problem for job seekersReader Preetham writes: “One of the most significant issues is gaps in employment. I even had one recruiter tell me straight up, ‘The hiring manager will not consider job seekers with gaps in their work history.’  I have been impacted by multiple downsizings and have held several contract positions. It seems so critical to hiring managers that it takes precedence over my qualifications.”

WomenVenture launches strategic plan to help more women overcome current economic challenges

For more than 30 years, St. Paul-based WomenVenture has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping women achieve economic independence and prosperity. Now as the economy has plunged still more women and families into uncertain times, WomenVenture is implementing a new strategic plan designed to have a broader impact on an even greater number of women.

Give yourself a financial tune-up

As we move through one of the most financially tumultuous years in many decades, some economists feel the worst may be over. But today's continuing high unemployment rates, troubled housing market and tight credit conditions leave many people feeling anxious about the future.

Business owners welcome minimum wage increase

July 21, 2009, Boston, MA - Business owners across the nation are welcoming the July 24 increase in the federal minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25. National business leaders and small business owners in states where workers are getting a raise say the increase will boost consumer buying power and promote economic recovery.

Robbins projects universal voice with expanded Anika International brand

Robbins projects universal voice with expanded Anika International brandAnika International, founded by Minneapolis-based Anika Robbins, has something for everyone. It’s not a product line that commits to serving one specific race, demographic or women only.  According to Robbins, Anika International (AI) has a universal voice and its companies mission is to tighten the gaps in the market where the competition has fallen short.

Read contracts carefully before signing

When people hear the word "contract," some start daydreaming about signing a multimillion dollar deal with the NFL while others recall how their knees shook the day they signed that first car loan. If you think about it, though, many of our day-to-day decisions involve contracts.

(Plan Your Career) Three steps to making your own opportunities

For the past seven years, CPA Trigg has successfully managed a Christian rock band.  He says he got started with the band because the opportunity came up and he jumped on it.  Many people who are satisfied career-wise will tell the same story, but a deeper look reveals that most opportunities do not appear out of nowhere.  Opportunities are usually a culmination of options, access and knowledge.
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