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Oct 06th


Minneapolis Public Schools seek to increase business opportunities for diverse enterprises

The Minneapolis Board of Education on September 14 voted to implement a policy that will enhance equal employment and business opportunities for minorities, women and diverse communities. Policy 3310: Business Partner Diversity promotes the participation of businesses owned and operated by minorities, women and diverse communities in school district procurement and contracts for goods and services. The policy is a proactive effort of the Minneapolis Public School district to partner with and foster economic development in the Minneapolis community.

Finding Work Can Be Complicated… Finding the RIGHT Work Seems Impossible!

The Recession is Over!  Why is it still so hard to find a job?
Help Wanted Workshop presents:  Ready to work... Where do I start?
A dynamic, results-expected workshop for job seekers

Friday, October 22, 2010
9am to noon
At Benchmark Learning, 4510 West 77th Street, Edina, MN

Job seekers today face sixty qualified competitors for every open position, overworked hiring managers desperate to find good help and complex new networking and job search technologies. 

Klobuchar, Franken, McCollum, Ellison, Walz announce over $18 Million for Minnesota Small Businesses

Loans Will Create Nearly 100 New Jobs Statewide

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Reps. Betty McCollum, Keith Ellison, and Tim Walz (D-Minn.) announced that more than $18 million in loans will go to small businesses throughout Minnesota, helping many of them remain open and creating nearly 100 jobs. The loans, which will be overseen by the Small Business Administration, were made available by the Small Business Jobs Act passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in September.  

Nationally, $970 million in loans will be issued by local banks and guaranteed by the Small Business Administration.

Money Talk: You know what you are worth

What does last year’s W-2 look like?  This is an employment interviewer's politically correct way to ask your salary requirement.  And it’s among a candidate's worst nightmares.

Last year, you were partially employed, maybe for cash, and in November you took a retail job just to muster up a couple of holiday gifts for the kiddos.  "Last year's W-2" has as little to do with your current salary expectations as... well... as that partial employment had to do with your career plans.  So, how does one answer such an immaterial question?  Do you:

Throw it in the wash

Throw it in the washYou are never too washed up to start your own business and Shauntee Holmes is living proof of this. After years in the social services field, she has become the owner of the new one-stop laundromat, All Washed Up, located at 3008 Penn Avenue North.

This new state-of-the-art laundromat has 44 washers and dryers, with six heavy-duty washers for comforters and linens, video games, cable television, vending machines, WiFi, and an on-site seamstress. The laundromat also features a wheel-chair accessible ramp that also allows easy transport of laundry and 24-hour security ensure the safety and comfort of its patrons.

Accomplish more by creating a better workspace

Accomplish more by creating a better workspaceSome say what is on a desk is a direct reflection of what is in the head of the person who uses it.  Put the paper down and look around for just a minute.  What surrounds you?  And what does that say about how you work?  Creating a more favorable workspace is easy to do, and can actually improve a person’s ability to achieve great things.

Jared has one of those spaces that make people shake their heads.  He seems disorganized, but he will be the first to tell you, “Everything is important.”  The head shakers suspect Jared could be more efficient if he worked differently.  But Jared is not disorganized; he just comes across that way.  The word organize suggests file folders and ladies’ magazines.  Let’s change organize to establish, and see what we can make happen in your space.

President Obama launch of Skills for America’s Future

Program will create Job Training Partnerships in all 50 States

President Obama recently launched Skills for America’s Future, a new, industry-led initiative to dramatically improve industry partnerships with community colleges and build a nation-wide network to maximize workforce development strategies, job training programs, and job placement. 

President Obama said, “We want to make it easier to join students looking for jobs with businesses looking to hire.  We want to put community colleges and employers together to create programs that match curricula in the classroom with the needs of the boardroom.  Skills for America’s Future will help connect more employers, schools, and other job training providers, and help them share knowledge about what practices work best.  The goal is to ensure there are strong partnerships between growing industries and community college or training programs in every state in the country.”
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