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Mar 02nd


BBB Advises Businesses to watch for Bogus Billings

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is being contacted by businesses in Minnesota and North Dakota regarding unexplained bills from a company called Minneapolis Classified Publishing. The businesses contacting the BBB say they have not dealt with this company and believe the billings are fraudulent.

Success: What Do You Need to Achieve It?

Success: What Do You Need to Achieve It?At a conference recently, corporate managers were asked, “What do you need to be successful?”  The question behind the question was, “What does the company need to provide in order to help you help us be more profitable?”  But it occurred to me that asking that question on a personal level can help people at every stage in a career to reach the goals and successes they desire.  So, what do you need to be successful?

Permission to dream: Teen entrepreneurs win national competition

Permission to dream: Teen entrepreneurs win national competitionWhen math advisor Sayra Loftus signed on as mentor for a group of teen entrepreneurs, she saw a handful of teenagers who were curious, interested and completely lacking in business experience.  By the time they were selected from among fourteen U.S. and Canadian companies by Junior Achievement as winners of the 2011 North American JA Company of the Year Competition in Washington, D.C., Loftus’ group had been transformed into young, eager, ambitious and successful professionals. 

The art of sharing a spreadsheet

The art of sharing a spreadsheet You stayed awake half the night pounding calculations into your keyboard.  You birthed a spreadsheet that tells it all, in a wide range of colors, fonts and border styles.  But when you proudly unveil your masterpiece to the people who will benefit most from its ingenious tables and graphs, all you hear is, Thud.  That’s the sound of a pin dropping, which you can hear because your colleagues are staring at your spreadsheet, silent and confused.

New Pew Report confirms need to expand financial opportunities in low-income communities of color

Recently the Pew Charitable Trust released a new report confirming that Blacks and Latinos fared worse in the Great Recession than whites from the perspective of median wealth, or household net worth at the median. Few who have been following shifts in wealth in the United States over the last 20 years will be surprised with these findings. The report is important, however, not because it confirms what has been a fairly consistent trend but because it raises the question of how we can slow the erosion of wealth and reestablish financial opportunities in low-income communities of all hues.

Ellison: American businesses must grow and compete

US Rep. Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) is organizing his new ‘Make it in America’ agenda, aimed at rebuilding America’s manufacturing sector.

Our manufacturing can be a source of national pride when businesses create good jobs for our nation’s workers. “America’s economy can only be made by our fellow Americans, when products are manufactured in America, creating living-wage jobs for American families,” Ellison says.

Your resume: An invitation to interview

Your resume:  An invitation to interviewThink of the last big party you were invited to attend.  The one where someone sent a Save the Date card out in advance, and then followed up with an invitation in an envelope with a stamp on it.  What did that invitation look like? 

Did it provide a detailed agenda of everything that would take place during the party?  Imagine that invitation:  Please join us for a party in honor of Joe’s birthday.  Our party begins at five, but Aunt Betty will be early and many of you will be quite late.  By the time you arrive, the food will be cold and the drinks will be warm and Aunt Betty will have eaten half the cake, which is chocolate, by the way, with yellow frosting and little sprinkles on the top…
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