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Jul 28th


Acorn & us

How many Black Americans are actually buying into rants against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now?  By now most Blacks have heard of ACORN and some are involved in bogus babble defaming an organization that has demonstrated positive intent toward communities where we live.  Before Blacks join chattering classes against ACORN, its work on our behalf should be considered.

(Plan Your Career) 20 weeks to a new career

I keep telling people there are jobs out there.  Alex Tittle shares that belief.  Mr. Tittle contends that high school graduates and GED holders who are willing to work hard and willing to learn can find jobs now.  And he should know.  Mr. Tittle is Education Director for Summit Academy OIC in Minneapolis, and he has seen firsthand the benefits of great training and mentorship.

BBB sets record straight regarding misleading/dangerous e-mails

Consumers have contacted the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota in regards to e-mailed notifications they have received, informing them that all cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketers within a month. The e-mails tell consumers they must register their cell phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry before a certain deadline or they will be billed for each telemarketing call they receive after the deadline expires. The e-mail also urges the receiver to share the message with all of their friends.

Overdraft fees exploding, up 35% in two years

Banks and credit unions collected nearly $24 billion in overdraft fees last year, an increase of 35 percent from just two years earlier, a new study by the Center for Responsible lending shows. [See the full report at]

(Plan Your Career) Who needs it? Why resumes matter less than ever

You do need a resume, and it has to be flawless.  But its details matter less than ever if you are looking for work right now. Your resume today is a reminder for the person you interview with about things they already know, because they likely already know you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, friends of friends or professional circles. Do not imagine for a minute that sending an unsolicited resume to a company is going to get you a job. It might, but there are other ways, and they are faster and more effective.

How to do business with government

“Never before has the partnership between public and private industry been so critical…we should never lose focus on what is happening in front of our own eyes,” are words of wisdom from a man who has made his mark marketing millions of dollars in contracts for minority enterprises.  Government marketing expert Michael Bowlds’ comment at a Congressional Black Caucus event in Washington, DC put elected and procurement officials and prime contractors in the spotlight for roles they play in the ½ trillion dollar government procurement process.

(Plan Your Career) New teams need time for team building

Try this:  divide your team into groups of three or four; put two silver dollars on the table and direct each group to decide who gets the money.

Teams, departments and companies need to interact and negotiate effectively in order to be productive, but with all the reorganization going on in business these days, chances are good you are working with or for people you hardly know.  But who has time for team building when time and money and staff are all in high demand?

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