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Jan 27th


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Americans love their computers.  In fact, a recent study shows that the number of Americans who use the Internet has more than doubled over the past 10 years, reaching nearly three quarters of the U.S. population.  Nearly half of all Americans have a high-speed Internet connection at home, compared to only five percent at the start of the decade. The study indicates that Internet use is even beginning to outpace traditional media. Younger Americans spend more time online than in front of a television.

Twin Cities RISE! consolidates Saint Paul sites into one expanded location

Twin Cities RISE! (TCR!) consolidates two Saint Paul sites, now offering all program services for Saint Paul residents at 633 University Avenue, Saint Paul. Twin Cities RISE!’s Minneapolis location will remain at 800 Washington Avenue North.

(Plan Your Career) Gender and the job search

Disclaimer:  I believe, and most professionals I know believe, men and women in the world of work are equals. They have the right to equal pay for equal work and they are equally capable of succeeding in comparable positions. Sexism has no place in the workplace.

Study reveals $50 billion African immigrant market segment emerging

Los Angeles, CA –  The African Chamber of Commerce Released First African Consumer Segment Study with 50 Billion Dollar Purchasing Power. African immigrants are a separate and unique group that is growing in number in the U.S. These consumers maintain connections to their friends and family in their native countries as well as maintain ties to native traditions, including food, music, and entertainment.

(Plan Your Career) Visionary decisions for business leaders

(Plan Your Career) Visionary decisions for business leadersA recession is an outstanding time to assess and manage your business and your career.  A recession changes the future; organizations need to update their strategies to address changes in the marketplace.  Making right decisions now will pay off later by improving your career prospects long-term and ensuring a prosperous future for your organization.

Hard times embolden identity thieves

Unfortunately, as people become increasingly desperate during tough economic times, crime rates rise. What's worse – those being targeted are often in dire financial straits themselves.

One of the most financially devastating ways people are victimized is identity theft, where someone steals your personal information and uses it to open accounts, take out loans, make purchases or rent an apartment, among other offenses.


New Vision Commercial Printer/Copy Center named West St. Paul Small Business of the Year

Frank Stewart and Carrie Parkinson shared a new vision for a company built around exemplary customer service and teamwork. Now, five years later, New Vision Printing and Graphics is soaring to new heights by fulfilling customers’ desire for high-quality, fast turn-around digital and offset printing – all at a competitive price.
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