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Oct 08th


Stay warm with energy efficient windows

Many consumers strive to winterize their homes and save money through better energy efficiency. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) advise consumers to balance cost effectiveness with energy efficiency, as more efficient windows, doors and skylights can make a big difference in energy consumption over time.

Preventing colds and flu in the work place

Beginning in late November each year, the flu affects millions of us. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says this germy bug costs businesses nearly $10 billion in employee medical visits every year. The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is urging businesses to help keep their employees healthy by maintaining a clean and productive work environment.

African businesses grow jobs

African businesses grow jobsWith minority communities accounting for more than half of Minnesota’s population growth over the last decade, the state’s economic future rests in Building Cross-cultural Commerce.

Wiggle Room: Why employers pay what they pay

Is there any wiggle room in the salary? Can they go any higher on the pay? Will they bend at all on the dollar amount? Not surprisingly, people considering accepting a job offer commonly ask for “a little more.” Some people think they have to. They want to tell their friends and former colleagues about their negotiating prowess and to feel the power that seems to come with starting a new job on one’s own terms.

Purchasing a gift card? Read this first!

Gift cards make excellent presents, especially during the holidays when you’re unsure of what to buy for a family member or friend. But like everything else, gift cards may have hidden fees and strings attached. The BBB reminds consumers it’s important to read the fine print before making your purchase and presenting gift cards to co-workers, friends or loved ones.

Tweet Better

140 characters. Can every thought be drilled down to just 140 letters, numbers, hashtags and spaces? Can a really important or impactful idea be brought across in 140 keystrokes or less? Yes. Friendships have been made, businesses have been developed and national revolutions have been launched on Twitter. While many (most?) people have caught on to how to tweet generally, taking it to a more useful level is another story.

Don’t Practice Interviewing

Correction: DO practice interviewing. But don’t wait until opening night to stage a dress rehearsal. If you are looking for a promotion, interviewing for a new job or making a sales call, act like your presentation makes a difference, because it does. And because it does, when you are in the hot seat, interviewing for the job you really want, you want to be ready. So you have to practice. But don’t practice interviewing during that critical interview. By the time you get to the big stage, your side of the conversation should be so well rehearsed that it seems totally off the cuff to the person across the table.
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