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Feb 12th

If you are bored, you are boring

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w_julie_d.jpgThat’s what Grandma used to say, most often on a hot afternoon in late summer when even the neighborhood pool was painfully old.  Fast forward to today, you are an adult reading this because you are either interested, curious, or bored with everything else in your life at the moment.  Whatever you are, don’t be bored.

Maybe you checked into your twitter account because you were curious about the day’s events.  Now, you’ve been reading other people’s tweets for the last couple hours, and can hardly keep your eyes open.  Rub the sleep out of your eyes and challenge yourself.  You are bored by everyone else.  What is your next tweet going to say?  More of the same?  Or do you have something valuable and clever to add to the conversation?  The very act of striving for something clever to say will force your mind to wake up and get interested.

Maybe your job requires talking to customers all day long.  You know you need to treat every shopper as if they are your first and only.  But realize, the weather bores them, too.  Listen up for a clever joke or passing comment made by your first client (nothing confidential, of course) that you can pass on to your second client.  That could lead to something interesting you can bring to the third customer and so on.  If you live in Minnesota, try going through one entire day without mentioning the weather.  Good luck on that.

Maybe you are looking for work and have told your job history story a hundred times.  Are you so disinterested in your own background that you wouldn’t even hire yourself?  Your interviewer is just as worn out as you are.  Really, they have to ask the same questions of dozens of people; you only have to talk about this position a few times.  Try using anecdotes to explain your background.  You sell insurance, you say?  Okay.  You work for the company that insures the limbs of Olympic athletes?  Now, to many people, that’s more fascinating.

Maybe you picked up the paper because you had to wait for a ride.  You notice a catchy headline.  You read on.  Now you are moving from bored to interested.  How easy is that?  If think you are tired of something, get yourself into situations that make other people more interesting.  Because if you are interested and curious, you will never be bored and, it follows, you will never be boring.

Julie Desmond is a Certified Staffing Professional.  Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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