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Feb 10th

Bringing Joy and Success into 2012

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oshanee2The end of the year is a wonderful time to plan for the New Year. Starting now, we add momentum to our goals.  Here are a few simple ways to bring joy and success into 2012.

Create An Ideal Statement

An Ideal Statement describes that which you would like to accomplish in its ideal form.  For example, let’s take a business goal to increase your revenue in the New Year.  Your Ideal Statement could read:

“The income in my business grows from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 by marketing to new groups of people who purchase and benefit from our products.”

Once you have the Ideal Statement, you can write down specific action steps to achieve this goal.  An Ideal Statement can be written for every area of your life and work.

Create Momentum

Once you have written Ideal Statements, divide the New Year into quarters and write down the areas of your life and work you will focus on during each quarter. Create action steps for each project and refine them daily.  This creates momentum because it enables you to be consistent in achieving your goals.

Develop Joy

Developing joy assists you to accomplish your goals because when you are happy, it is easier to make positive decisions for your life and work.  Joy also fosters healthy relationships and a state of wellbeing.  Here are a few ideas to assist you in creating more joy in your life and work.

Make a list of the activities in your life and work that bring you the greatest joy.  Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Which of these would I like to develop in the New Year?
2.     What will I change or organize differently to accomplish this?
3.     Which of these will I develop in the first quarter of the year?
4.     How will I begin?

The month of December is a perfect time to begin to create joy and success for the New Year.  Begin working on your goals and action steps now and enjoy the new opportunities that come into your life and work.

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Oshana Himot, MBA, CHT, is an author and business and life coach/consultant.  She works with entrepreneurs and companies by assisting them to create joy and success.  Oshana has two Masters of Business Administration degrees from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California and is a member of the Institute of Executive Development.  She is the author of four digital books and is currently writing a book about joy and success.  Oshana can be reached at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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