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Feb 05th

Ten ways to feel good at work this summer

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jdesmond“I should call in sick,” you say.  It’s a spectacular summer day, one of the few we’ll see before the snow flies again.  You go outside over lunch and find returning indoors is heartbreaking.  But work is a good thing; getting paid is good.  Read on for ten ways to make the most of your summer days even if they’re all spent working.

1.    Mentor someone.  Research shows that helping releases feel-good hormones, and it’s easy to start.  Becoming a mentor can be a formal process through an organization.  Or it can be casual.  Aim to be the go-to person at work.  When you become an expert in an area, you are regarded as a resource.  Your rewards are the knowledge you gain plus all those feel-good warm fuzzies.

2.    Learn a new skill.  Amy was a call center rep for an underground utility locating company.  When the staff was shorthanded, they invited Amy to join them on some jobs.  Amy went out and learned to locate the lines.  She calls that summer, “A good experience.”  She says that when she returned to her phone work, she had a much better understanding of the service this company provides. 

3.    Meet an expert in your field.  Connecting with experts is a breeze with all the LinkedIn-type sites out on the internet.  When experts are eager to share their knowledge and insights online, even a rookie can participate in the discussion.  Ask straightforward questions and learn from the answers. 

4.    Meet an expert in something completely outside your field.  What can a restaurant owner learn from a professional baseball player?  Find out about developing mental toughness and riding out the hard times of losing streaks and injuries; ask a few questions about negotiating contracts, too.  Be open to hearing someone else’s perspective. 

5.    Plan for tomorrow today.  You’re fully aware of what’s left to do when you leave your desk at night.  By the next morning, you’ve forgotten half of it.  Create a plan tonight.  You will have less anxiety and you’ll be able to enjoy your evening knowing you have a strategy in place for tomorrow.

6.    Respond to every email as soon as you read it.  Or employ a read-and-delete policy, which keeps that inbox clean and functional.

7.    Chase a great idea.

8.    Develop a career plan.

9.    Join a professional networking group.

10.    Step outside:  outside your comfort zone, outside your routine, outside your usual friend circle, outside your neighborhood and, of course, outside your building, at least over the lunch hour.

Julie Desmond is a recruiter with Specialized Recruiting Group in Minneapolis, MN.  Write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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