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Feb 14th

Habitually plugged in: Marketing via the internet

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toliverConventional wisdom states that any act done consistently for 21 days will become a habit. I would have to agree with that statement because as a young man and a greenhorn to penitentiary life I had to quickly learn to adjust and not deviate from my new habitual routine in order to survive. Today though, I’m no longer a ward of the state, but a writer. I’m no longer that piece which helps pessimistic puzzles pieces connect together only to taint family and community. On the contrary, now I’m a literary lover who has served notice to those prison bars, and I’ve linked to today’s world of the Internet in order to see my dreams come true.

Presently, I’m a small company – Crying Scrolls Publishing. I’m the first and only author signed to the company. I’m still naïve to legal business, but I have the sense to know that when marketing a product, the marketer needs promotion in order to help his product sell. I have no idea who invented the World Wide Web, but I am grateful for the day he or she was born. The Web has become the primary tool I use to gain notice for my Crying Scrolls Publishing in the vast world of literary publication.

Prior to my cutting the umbilical cord on Crying Scrolls, I joined Facebook. Initially, I did the norm of reconnecting with old friends and making new. I also began posting my thoughts, and like I had hoped, I received welcoming feedback. Next, I began dropping small hints about my novel, Hallway Man. Friends began inquiring about the tentative release date and committed to future purchases of my book.

Recall that I said I had reconnected with old friends and new. Well, the key word in that sentence is “new”! Although at that time I hadn’t formally given birth to Crying Scrolls, I knew by accepting all new Friend Requests I would be creating a potentially much larger fan base for Crying Scrolls in the future. Thank God for intuition because today I’m interacting digitally with people I’ve never even met before in my life. My rapport and relationships with people all over the country can only mean one thing – more income for Crying Scrolls. The key is to stay consistent with my cyber friends as well as staying on top of all the business agreements I’ve already established through the Web. The Main Thing is to keep The Main Thing the Main Thing!!! And the Main Thing is to stay habitually active in creating relationships through the Web.

Presently, I’m seeking out the most suitable e-book company to assist me in marketing my novel worldwide. Did I say worldwide? People, this is bigger than me and my novel, Hallway Man. With e-books, my readers will be able to download my novel, and the e-book company will sell my masterpiece in over 2,500 stores worldwide. The e-book publisher will take a small cut for the sale, PayPal will receive a portion as well, and I’ll run to the bank with the remainder of the chunk. The beauty of it all is that the cost to me is the energy required to push a button. Surfing readers will be able to download my novel to their iPads, laptops, desktops, or notebooks and then comfortably kick back and read directly on-line.

Finally, another entity I’m habitually staying on top of is my website, My website is the centerpiece that makes Crying Scrolls go! My readers are able to locate a wealth of information about me and my soon-to-be literary empire. Through, I can upload daily posts and news of current events taking place.

I encourage every person with a dream permeating within themselves to begin investing in self and motivating that dormant nugget to life. If an ex-con like me can make it happen, then I’m convinced that you can do it, too. Ask yourself, am I willing to take what’s rightfully mine? Once you answer that question with a positive yes, make your first step be in the direction of the World Wide Web!

This publication "Habitually plugged in" was prepared by (MMMC) under award #27-42-B10003 from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Broadband Technology Opportunities Program, US Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author (s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US Department of Commerce.


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