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Feb 14th

(Plan Your Career) Preparing for your career comeback

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Already there are signs that the economy is turning around.  Anyone who has settled for whatever work he can get, or has been looking for work without results is looking forward to some positive news.  While there is no telling when it will happen, this financial crisis will end at some point.  Make sure that when your career has a chance to rebound, you are ready to help make it happen.  Working or not, improving your education, presentation and leadership skills will pay off when companies return to hiring and promoting great people.

Education is about more than just going back to school.  Expanding your knowledge base can be as effective as adding a degree to your resume.  Seek out opportunities to add to your skill set; attend workshops and seminars, read trade magazines.  Stay in touch with your field so your know-how will be current when you return to work. 

If you do choose to go back to school, proposed increases in Federal financial aid dollars can make that easier financially.  Ask for financial aid information even if you think you don’t qualify.  You might be surprised at what’s out there for you.

Improving your presentation skills is important because not working or working in a dead-end job can rob you of the challenges that give you confidence.  Hone your presentation skills by reading aloud or volunteering to speak at church or at a networking event.  Candidate Bob was feeling isolated while looking for work.  He tried introducing himself to one stranger every day.  It forced him to come out of his shell and connect with people, and being comfortable talking to almost anyone has helped him in interviews.

Good leaders lead even when their titles say otherwise.  Missed out on a great promotion?  Lead from where you are.  Be an example of hard work, ingenuity and integrity to those around you.  Answer questions, encourage others, make your company’s success your ultimate goal, and soon you will be seen as a leader.

When new opportunities for employment open up, be ready.  Earn the right qualifications, develop your presentation and leadership skills, and soon success will be yours.

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