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Feb 06th

Twitter: You can do it

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twitter logo blueHere's something to think about: learning to walk. You don't remember doing it, but somebody thought it would be a valuable skill to have. You picked it up, no problem. Walking is good. It's a way to get places; it's the gateway to running, skipping, dancing and all sorts of other good things.

Job seekers Kevin and Kara, separately, told me the same thing this week. "I don't Tweet." They both said they don't see the value in it. They both see that other people find it useful; it's just not for them. Kevin and Kara are feeling a little left out and they're not alone.

Kevin and Kara don't have to stay on the social media sidelines. They use Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. What's so intimidating about Twitter? If Facebook is the equivalent of learning to walk, then Twitter is like learning to run or skip or dance. It's another mode of communication and if it's useful to others, one ought to at least give it a shot. I'm not going to win "Dancing with the Stars" anytime soon, but I can get a groove on for fun once in a while.

What's so great about Twitter? It's real-time and connects you to people who share your interests. You can discover a new use for a product, keep up with the news, know what your buddy had for breakfast... possibilities, endless! Whether you are looking for a new job, a new customer, or a new way to get rid of ants, Twitter can help you find it faster than you can say, "Sorry, Dex." Twitter is informative and entertaining. And if everyone in America is using it, how hard can it be?

Start here: Set up an account. Go to and follow the directions to sign up.

Next, read some Tweets. You'll start to get the hang of it. Search for topics you're interested in, and you'll quickly find people to follow.

Then, catch yourself up on the basics: The # sign (pound, hashtag) is used to state your topic. Use @username at the start of your Tweet to direct a message to one specific user. Use @username within your Tweet if you want to share it publicly and also want to make sure that user sees it.

For example: Your mom, whose username is Supermom, threw a great party. You want to thank her, and you want everyone to know how great that party was. Your Tweet looks like this: Best party ever Thanks @Supermom #lovemymom #party

Notice, we're not going for punctuation points here. Just getting the message out in a casual, friendly way. Someone who searches on #party might ask you about it. And the world will know that your mom rocks.

If you need a safe place to start, you can follow me @MNCareerPlanner. Keep up with Insight News @insightnews. Now, you Tweet!

Julie Desmond is IT & Software Engineering Recruiting Manager with George Konik Associates, Inc. Write to Julie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or @MNCareerPlanner.

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