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Feb 09th

Youth Campaign: Young people involved and making a real difference in the election of 2008

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Young voters, along with everyone else, are by now very familiar with all the leading contenders in both the Democratic and Republican Presidential campaigns, with many getting intricately involved in the nuts and bolts of fundraising, door-to-door solicitations and getting the public to turn out at various campaign events. In addition to the Obama and Paul campaigns, both Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and former Senator John Edwards have also enjoyed strong organizational support from potential younger voters.

Senator Clinton's daughter Chelsea may become one of her principle ways to reach younger voters. In recent days Chelsea was in San Francisco to hit the campaign trail for her mother, attending church services at San Francisco's Glide Memorial Church before visiting her mother's campaign headquarters on Howard Street, where she was thronged by supporters and well-wishers.

Many younger voters like John Edward's now anti-war message. After initially voting in favor of the war, he has repeatedly stated that he made a mistake and would not have cast his vote for the war if the U.S. intelligence community had not given Members of Congress incorrect information on the status of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction capabilities.

According to Edwards, "Young people made the difference during the Civil Rights movement and with protests and demonstrations help bring an end to the Vietnam War. Young people helped to champion the cause and promote Anti-Apartheid movements. And today . . . each of us has, as an American, as a duty to our troops and to each other, to do everything single thing we can to support our troops and end this war."

Edwards went on to say, "It's time for you – all of you – to take responsibility for your country, for your government and for your community."

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