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Feb 07th

Readers Response: Newest national anthem for sustained slavery by Dwight Hobbes

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Reader's respond to the article written by Dwight Hobbes entitled "Newest national anthem for sustained slavery"
Reader's respond to the article written by Dwight Hobbes entitled "Newest national anthem for sustained slavery"

"I can relate with you about what soulja boy is doing with the music and I feel almost everything in your article except early in the article you say he calls girls "bathin apes" he was saying that they are mad because he has bathing ape footwear."



"How could you be so irresponsible as to print an article not knowing what you are talking about? That is just bad journalism. Bathin' Apes is a shoe not a derogatory remark towards women. I do agree that our youth have lost touch with reality due to the commercial mainstream music but at least catch up with the slang old timer."

Alexander Black III
Executive Director


"I find it very offensive that you would speak so recklessly about someone and something you obviously know nothing about.

'Demeaning Black girls that get in a tub with him so callously as to literally call them animals.'

No, sweetie, he is NOT referring to taking baths with African American women (I'm still trying to figure out how you came up with that, and the fact that YOU would even refer to Black women as APES is beyond me; it sounds ridiculous).

But he is referring to a brand of SHOES . . . not women (

And if you paid attention to the video, you would see that when he said that, he stuck out his feet to SHOW his shoes.

You called this young man a "wretched excuse for a human being"? I mean, come on! Before you get to down talking musical artists about how they make our women and girls look, first you need to talk to the parents. Kids nowadays know the difference between right and wrong. And if parents are allowing their kids or pre-teens to watch and condone that behavior, how is the artist to blame?

For one, I think it's a cute little dance for our young people. You don't see girls all on the floor getting LOW, bumping and grinding basically trying to make babies on the dance floor; this is a dance that's just simple and fun, like the electric slide which I'm SURE you have done yourself. So before you go talking about how parents are trying to raise their kids right and all that, ask them what do they LET their kids watch every day when they get home from school. Ask how many parents actually take time out to do homework with their children or even TALK to them about their day.

Ask how many let the TV babysit their kids, and then they are the main people talking about rappers and how badly they influence their children. Give me a break!"

Adrienne B.
Single working parent


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