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Dec 19th

Sapp Keyshawn

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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--- Jon Gruden may be the man who makes the final decisions in tampa for the buccaneers, but two men on the field have been anointed as leaders of their own brigade.....
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--- Jon Gruden may be the man who makes the final decisions in tampa for the buccaneers, but two men on the field have been anointed as leaders of their own brigade.....
.....the defense has defensive tackle, and arguably best player in the game, warren sapp. the offense has wide receiver keyshawn johnson.
one had taken the role, while the other just wants to play it on TV. ever since he came into the league as a number 17 pick from the university of miami, warren sapp has had something to prove to the league. even though a player of the year award, and constant double teaming from opposing linemen has proven that sapp's presence is bigger than his appetite, sapp always plays hard and continue to talk about proving points.....
.....his fall from grace in his particular draft year was from failing a drug test, which indicated he had marijuana in his system. as did many players before him, and guys like randy moss after, teams got scared off until the needy tampa bay bucs took the plunge and have been happy with the results ever since. 
sapp is also the voice of reason for the buccaneers. 290 pounds of bone-crunching logic, you say? believe it, because that's what it is..... in point, when the bucs demoted ex-quarterback trent dilfer and promoted shaun king to the top spot, and the latter had his early problems with the system, sapp rallied behind the young QB as a representative of the team, where most players would choose to point fingers, or something else to expunge the pressure away from them. it wouldn't be blatant considering sapp's defense has carried the team since he arrived on the scene..... he did with dilfer, he told both QBs to keep their heads up and they would get through the situation.....together.
keyshawn johnson is the voice for himself. after spending a miserable three years with the new york jets, which he documented about in his book entitled, "give me the damn ball" after his rookie season, johnson was jettisoned to tampa, much to the relief of his jets teammates.....
.....johnson is all about flash with a pocketful of talent to back it up. johnson wears his greatest anecdote of "give me the damn ball" on his face without an inkling of trying to hide it. whether it was vinny testaverde, ray lucas, rick mirer, or king, johnson believes his team's success hinders on his making plays. he says that winning is the important thing, but when you're naming your book "give me the damn ball" (i promise that'll be the last time i say that), you have to think otherwise.....
.....johnson is being blessed with his best QB since his days at USC, and he's a johnson, too. brad johnson signed a big contract to lead the bucs to the super bowl. nothing less will do for this team at this point, because the promise brad johnson brings to the buccaneers franchise is tremendous.
in discussing the prospects of this season, sapp said that he hopes both sides of the ball gel together, and if that happens, then they will be an unbeatable force. johnson says he's glad they threw out the blah-blah offense of last season, changed the personnel, that provided much feet to many butts. 
sapp and johnson love to speak, however, they are not brothers in how they present their cases, and the first one to speak out is sapp, the philosopher. sapp doesn't let johnson off the hook as easily as teammates and coaches have in the past by justifying it as "keyshawn is keyshawn", sapp knows that cliched term of there's no "i" in team, but he also knows that brad johnson's injury history may produce shaun king again before the season is done.....
.....can't cross a bridge if it's all burned down. 
sapp and the rest of the world knows tha

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