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Dec 20th

Calvin Brock

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- If professional heavyweight boxer Calvin Brock isn't trying to knock you out, he may be offering you advice on a good growth fund. With a finance degree from the University of North Carolina... CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- If professional heavyweight boxer Calvin Brock isn't trying to knock you out, he may be offering you advice on a good growth fund. With a finance degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the 26-year-old Super Heavyweight 2000 Olympian has both brawn and brains.

In this day of troubled athlete headlines, Calvin is a breath of fresh air. There is no posse. No diamond encrusted jewelry. No customized SUV. His entourage is made of one person: his coach/manager/father -- and best friend -- Calvance Brock. "My dad instilled a real sense of faith, education, and hard work in me as a boy. Not all father-son boxing relationships work, but ours is great."

Calvin’s not only a promising young prizefighter, but he also knows what to do with his prize. When he’s not training, he's managing his diverse portfolio of long-term investments or keeping up with the market online. As the manager of his own finances, Calvin plans to be financially secure by the time he retires from boxing in about 5 years.

"I was working at Bank of America until the Olympics and I was on track to be a top banker. When I retire from boxing, I might go back for my MBA, and I plan to work in real estate development, too." As the sole manager of his money, Calvin is cognizant of not falling victim to the usual "advisors" who jump on the new-athlete bandwagon.

As a boy, Calvin dreamed of being a businessman AND the heavyweight champion of the world. Simple as that, right? With his degree and banking experience, and with the success of his own portfolio, Calvin has shown that he has business savvy. Friends and other fighters ask him for his financial opinion.

Now, goal #2: Heavyweight Champion of the World. Only the most glamorous title in sport. Calvin and Calvance, along with promoter America Presents, have a sound plan for that goal, as well. With his record of 4-0, 3 KO’s, Calvin is on the way. As of now, he is the most active of the 2000 Olympians. He's been in the ring with credible opponents and feels that he's learned something in every fight. By the end of 2001, they hope to have 12 wins on record.

Along with signing with the highly respected Goosens of America Presents (home of Tyson, Tua and Mercer), Calvin has begun working with Las Vegas-based trainer Andy "Pops" Anderson. Since Charlotte is not exactly the boxing Mecca of the country, Calvin is splitting his time between Las Vegas and Charlotte for sparring purposes. "Pops has 40 years of experience in boxing. My dad and I are really happy to have him on the team."

The plan is set. The team is in place. Now, Calvin just has to keep winning. "Even though I didn't win the Olympics, I've been winning for a lot of years. I was 10-0 in international competition going into the Olympics and I've won every major tournament in the US. That includes the North American Olympic Qualifier, where I beat Olympians from other North American countries (Cuba had a bye). I think I'm more suited to the pro style where I can work the body and then finish off to the head. America Presents keeps me really busy. My pro debut was on Fox, and I have a number of other TV fights coming up."

Calvin's next bout is scheduled for June 17th in Las Vegas on Fox's Sunday Night Fights. After that, there are other TV bouts in July and August. America Presents has been very happy with his progress and dedicated training regimen.

Calvin plans to bring the show home to Charlotte in October. "America Presents is still working on the details. It's going to be huge at home. The people of Charlotte have been so supportive that I can't wait to show them how far I've come." It's a Brock Love Fest in Charlotte. He is the only Olympian - ever -- to come out

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