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Jan 29th

Review: Something Torn and New: An African Renaissance by Ngugi wa Thiong’o

Review: Something Torn and New: An African Renaissance by Ngugi wa Thiong’o“Linguicide is the linguistic equivalent of genocide. Genocide involves conscious acts of physical massacre; linguicide, conscious acts of language liquidation. This is precisely the fate of African languages in the diaspora… If history is replete with the death of languages, there have also been cases where languages have been resurrected from the dead. Israel, for instance, needed the resurrection of Hebrew to reconnect with the ancient memory…

Unsubtle Wayans Brothers more shocking than funny

Unsubtle Wayans Brothers more shocking than funnyTimes sure have changed when a film featuring a character wearing tights which emphasize the outline of her oversized private parts can be rated PG-13. But that’s what we have with Dance Flick which, just to make sure you get the dirty double entendre, further hits you over the head by having Ms. Cameltoe (Amy Sedaris) utter lines like “I bet you’ve heard I have a big [C-word].” And “I’ve inserted tampons bigger than you.” The unsubtle Cameltoe teaches at mythical Musical High School where her overexposure works hand-in-crotch with Thomas Uncles (Damon Wayons, Jr.), a prized pupil who announces his plans to become a “vaginacologist.”

Uplifting documentary chronicles dedicated teacher’s tireless effort to inspire pupils

Philadelphia public schoolteacher Wilma Stephenson is a throwback who reminds me of one of those no-nonsense nuns I feared in grammar school when I was a child. For, this strict disciplinarian is a veteran with 38 years of experience who brings that same rare combination of dedication, know-how and high expectations to her classroom on a daily basis.

(Kams Kapsules) Movies opening June 5, 2009

Kam's Kapsules: Weekly Previews That Make Choosing a Film Fun

For movies opening June 5, 2009

Fancy Ray still the best

Fancy Ray still the bestFancy Ray McCloney unabashedly declares “I am the best looking man in comedy!”

The comedian and television pitchman dropped in on a “Conversations with Al McFarlane” broadcast recently, and added, poetically: “They tell the world. They tell the sea. They’ll never find a comedian as pretty as me.”


Da Vinci Code sequel as disappointing as original

Da Vinci Code sequel as disappointing as original

Between its preposterous storyline and its blasphemous revisionist history, the highly-anticipated screen adaptation of The Da Vinci Code was the most over-hyped disappointment of 2006. Although there’s been a lot less buzz surrounding this sequel, Angels & Demons, nonetheless, offers a cinematic experience which is equally underwhelming.


Maria Isa: Incendiary, lethal

Maria Isa: Incendiary, lethal

Nowadays, rappers are about as common as disposable Bic lighters. As soon as you emit a flame, its met by the simultaneous flick of a competing Zippo. Way too common. Since there are so many embers cascading through the industry, Hip Hop could easily ignite a forest fire. Yet, in a world layered with candles, only few can keep ablaze. Only some come equipped with their own endless supply of lighter fluid, while the others lay around doing nothing, waiting for a refill.

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