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Apr 17th

DVD Chronicles African-American’s salvation via sermonizing and painting

Albert Wagner (1924-2006) freely acknowledged that he frittered away his first half-century on Earth chasing skirts. A slave to wine and women, he fathered 20 children between his wife and his mistresses.

Equal Time with the Empress of Soul

The great ones endure, and Gladys Knight is a testament to that sage maxim. Over the last half-century, this seven-time Grammy-winner has enjoyed #1 hits in pop, R&B and Adult Contemporary, and has triumphed in film, on television and in concert.

Book review: American Indians: Stereotypes & Realities

“Accurate books about Indians have been written, yet misinformation abounds and inundates our children at an early age. Racist television cartoons which portray Indians as befeathered savages are still shown today as entertainment… Textbooks continue to be inadequate. For example, students still learn in first grade that in 1492 Columbus ‘discovered’ America and that for 500 years after this encounter all peoples of the Western Hemisphere have been content, despite the fact that this cultural encounter resulted in the most devastating holocaust the world has ever known…

Bass player Ken Reynolds plucks diverse groove to bolster culture, spiritual unity

Bass player Ken Reynolds plucks diverse groove to bolster culture, spiritual unityKen Reynolds is a Grand Rapids, MI-based bass player who grew up on the funk vibes of Earth Wind & Fire and the Gap Band. He’s also a church boy influenced by gospel greats like Walter Hawkins. As a teenager, he played in Christian vocal groups such as the James Family Singers and later formed his own urban inspirational group, His Image.  Throughout his musical life, Reynolds has performed at black church revivals, white church conferences and everything in between.

40 year-old slacker moves in with sister in Japanese-American comedy

40 year-old slacker moves in with sister in Japanese-American comedyRecently-divorced Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe) has just moved from Japan to Salt Lake City, Utah to live with his sister (Nae) while looking for another wife. However, because Aiko’s married and doesn’t have a lot of extra space, he has to share a bunk bed in the basement with her 10 year-old son, Bob (Justin Kwong). And although childlike Jimmy gets along fine with his nephew, the same can’t be said for his relationship with his disapproving brother-in-law (Mio Takada).

Poet and Award Winning screenwriter Tye Green is up and coming filmmaker

Poet and Award Winning screenwriter Tye Green is up and coming filmmakerWhen it comes to art, the interpretation of excellence affects everyone differently when one’s vision elopes gracefully within the perimeter of a blank canvas. From Van Gogh to Aaron Douglas, and even through the Impressionist era and onto the beauty of a Gordon Parks photograph, the uniqueness of every artist gives birth to the importance of individualism. But in this day and age, in order to further touch the masses, an artist’s vision needs to be a closer reach than the confining walls of a picture frame.

Bio-pic about brilliant Black brain surgeon released on DVD

World-renowned Dr. Ben Carson has long been considered by his colleagues as the best pediatric neurosurgeon around, so it’s no surprise that he remains in such great demand. Besides being stationed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where he performs over 300 operations on children each year, the peripatetic physician also crisscrosses the planet to share his miraculous talents with less fortunate folks in developing countries who can’t afford his services.
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