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Apr 21st

12 Years a Slave: Movie captures attention of director's contemporaries

12 Years a Slave: Movie captures attention of director's contemporariesFamed film director John Singleton said when movies about African Americans debut, he's always the first to be called to lend insight.

Singleton, who directed the 1991 critically-acclaimed drama "Boyz in the Hood," said that recently his telephone hasn't stopped ringing.

Sweet Dreams: Rwanda documentary chronicles remarkable female drumming troupe

Sweet Dreams: Rwanda documentary chronicles remarkable female drumming troupeThe 1994 Civil War left the beleaguered African nation of Rwanda a bloody mess, both literally and figuratively. Not only had the warring tribes, the Hutus and the Tutsis, hacked each other to death with machetes to the tune of about a million bodies scattered across the countryside, but to this day many of the survivors of the ethnic cleansing remain totally traumatized by the slaughter they'd witnessed.

Ebony and Ivy: Slavery, race, and education

Ebony and Ivy: Slavery, race, and education"Ebony & Ivy... delivers a groundbreaking and incendiary exploration of the intertwined histories of slavery, race, and higher education... Many of America's revered colleges and universities... Harvard, Yale, and Princeton... were drenched in the sweat, the tears, and sometimes the blood of people of color...

Opening this week for November 8th

Opening this week for November 8thBIG BUDGET FILMS

"The Book Thief"(PG-13 for violence and mature themes) Adaptation of the Mark Zusak novel of the same name, set in Nazi, Germany, and revolving around an abandoned 9 year-old girl (Sophie Nelisse) adopted by foster parents (Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson) hiding a Jewish refugee (Ben Schnetzer) from the SS. With Kirsten Block, Nico Liersch and Sandra Nedeleff.(In English and German with subtitles)

Redefining Disney's Cinderella

Redefining Disney's CinderellaTraci Allen was born and raised in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Her mother was a music teacher and her father was a basketball coach. She left her hometown to pursue her dream of attending a historically Black university. Allen is a graduate from Howard University who earned a degree in theater arts with a concentration in musical theater.

Raul Midón and Lizz Wright delight at the Ordway

Raul Midón and Lizz Wright delight at the OrdwaySometimes less is more.

That was the case when on the vast Ordway stage in St. Paul, just three musicians – Raul Midón on vocals and acoustic guitar and trumpet (well sort of), Lizz Wright on vocals and percussion (mostly just a wooden box that also doubled as her seat for much of the evening) and their accompanying acoustic bass player filled the theater with the most beautiful and soul-stirring sounds. And though I had been a Lizz Wright fan for years, why oh why did I not know about the musical treasure that is Raul Midón? Clearly I need to broaden my musical selection, but I already have a varied taste and on the many radio stations I listen to, not once have I heard Midón. We're being deprived by the play lists of commercial radio stations.


SNAPSHOTSFiona Laney and Sholonda Flynn at Famous Dave's in Uptown for Back in the Day Karaoke.
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