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Sep 02nd

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith co-star in remake of martial arts classic

Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith co-star in remake of martial arts classicThe Karate Kid

Hollywood is in the midst of a full-blown revival of Eighties classics, and the latest beneficiary of that sense of nostalgia is The Karate Kid. The 1984 martial arts hit was a modestly-budgeted revenge flick about a 98-pound weakling who gets bullied by classmates after he and his mom relocate to California. But the newcomer is soon befriended by his apartment building’s Japanese janitor, who teaches the boy karate by putting him on an unorthodox training regimen that’s doesn’t involve any fighting.

Omarosa debuts sizzling new dating show on TV One

Omarosa debuts sizzling new dating show on TV One WASHINGTON (NNPA) - TV One's new television show Donald J. Trump Presents "The Ultimate Merger" sounds more like business program about joint ventures than an African-American dating show - but it isn't.

Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump and the producers of the highly-successful NBC reality program “The Apprentice” have brought their can't miss formula to TV One hoping that one of their most infamous Apprentice contestants can close the deal on love.

If nothing else, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, usually just known as Omarosa, always makes for good television. Trump knows this. That's why he invited his season one contestant back for a second time as a participant on Celebrity Apprentice and has now green-lighted her a reality show of her own.

Book Review : People Buy Brands, Not Companies

Book Review : People Buy Brands, Not Companies“Once I was like a lot of people who think that marketing is just a way of convincing people to buy a whole bunch of things they don’t need… Yes, I was in the marketing-is-about-creating-need camp… But, you know what, the buyer can’t be misled forever. You can’t create need no matter how hard you try. You can only discover the need and then find a way to meet it.

When Fed Ex launched its now legendary, ‘When it absolutely, positively, has to get there overnight’ campaign, they weren’t creating a need, they were filling one. Marketing at its best is about making things happen through creativity, intelligence and adaptability that would never have happened had someone not had the vision or the drive to market…

[Once] you’ve got a successful brand, things just happen. A brand is one of the closest things to magic on Earth. It’s not that you don’t have to work hard to make it successful and keep it successful, it’s just that in many ways a great brand sells itself.

So, that’s the context for this book and our marketing mission, but the essence of this book is clear from the title: people buy brands.” -- Excerpted from the Introduction (pgs. 2-7)

Ex-con seeks job & dignity in depression era drama

Ex-con seeks job & dignity in depression era drama Kings of the Evening

Just paroled after doing a couple years on a chain gang, Homer Hobbs (Tyson Beckford) is eager for a fresh start. This is easier said than done since he has several strikes against him, being an unskilled Black man with a record. This dilemma is compounded by the fact that it’s the State of Georgia during the height of the Great Depression, so the unlucky ex-con is definitely dependent on the kindness of others for help until he can get on his feet.

He is fortunate enough to cross paths with a street hustler named Benny Potter (Reginald T. Dorsey) who brings him to a rooming house run by Gracie (Lynn Whitfield), a Bible-thumping landlady with the proverbial heart of gold. She, in turn, directs Homer to the local fashion hall where each Sunday evening brothers don their finest threads to compete in a men-only fashion ball with the $5 grand prize going to the best-dressed gent.

DVD sequel features profiles of prominent African-Americans

DVD sequel features profiles of prominent African-AmericansThe Black List, Volume 2

Film critic Elvis Mitchell and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders collaborated on another series of fascinating interviews with a mix of African-American artists, activists, academics and athletes. Many are instantly-recognizable icons who need no introduction, such as Tyler Perry, Laurence Fishburne, Melvin Van Peebles, Bishop T.D. Jakes and Angela Davis.

Others are a little less known, like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, comedienne Maya Rudolph, country singer Charlie Pride, gangsta’ rapper RZA, painter Kara Walker, clothes designer Patrick Robinson and Oscar-nominated scriptwriter Suzanne De Passe. And then there are those who have met with success away from the limelight, including Episcopal Bishop Barbara C. Harris, community organizer Mahora Carter and Dean of Meharry School of Medicine Dr. Valerie Montgomery-Rice.

DVD seeks to answer question: Does Anti-Semitism still exist?

DVD seeks to answer question: Does Anti-Semitism still exist?Defamation

Being a Jew raised in Israel, Yoav Shamir had never personally experienced any anti-Semitism. Although his people were decimated by Hitler during the Holocaust, he nonetheless wondered whether the allegations he often heard of the persistence of discrimination against his people were even warranted.

The upshot of his inquiry is Defamation, as controversial and as thought-provoking a piece of investigative journalism on the subject as you’re ever likely to find. For Mr. Shamir masks his true motivations with an innocuous, nebbishy persona, in order to ingratiate himself with his subjects, mostly fellow Jews, who have no idea he is very suspicious of their claims of mistreatment on account of their religion.

Documentary highlights how Harlem Charter School offers hope for salvation

Documentary highlights how Harlem Charter School offers hope for salvation The Lottery

For most young folks from the ghetto, getting a good education has a lot to do with whether or not they ever make it in life. That’s why a kid’s name has to be picked out of a hat in order to gain entry to Harlem Success Academy, a charter school whose students are beating the odds. So many parents in the community have become painfully aware that their offspring’s prospects are likely to improve dramatically upon admission to this college-oriented institution that 5,000 of them pack a local armory annually to see who wins the lottery allocating the coveted spots opening up for the coming year.

The elementary school was founded by Dr. Eva Moskowitz on the guiding principle that “children are capable of achieving an incredible amount.” And those high expectations have paid off with 90% of her pupils performing at or above their grade level, as compared to the 35% average in the district, consequently the universal desire to matriculate there.
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