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Mar 27th

Madea’s Big Happy Family

Madea’s Big Happy FamilySixth Madea adventure makes its way to DVD

This flick is the sixth in the franchise featuring Tyler Perry in drag as America’s sassiest granny. At the point of departure we find Madea’s niece, Shirley (Loretta Devine), being informed by her physician (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) about a resurgence of the cancer that she’s been fighting for the past seven years.
Despite the dire diagnosis, she declines further treatment, explaining that she’s simply too tired to do another round of chemotherapy. And with just weeks to live, the devoutly-religious Christian resigns herself to the will of the Lord.

Gerald Albright headlines Selby Ave JazzFest

Gerald Albright headlines Selby Ave JazzFestOrganizers of the tenth annual Selby Avenue JazzFest recently announced this year’s entertainment line-up for the 10th Annual Selby Ave JazzFest.

“We’re really pleased with the diverse line-up of entertainers that will be gracing the JazzFest stage this year,” stated Mychael Wright, the “Father of the Fest” and noted Selby Avenue community leader.  “Our musical line-up this year certainly has something for everyone.  There will be plenty of other things to do including a kids’ play area and food & art vendors--all surrounded by a wonderful spirit of community.”

Faith in the Fire: Wisdom for Life by Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

Faith in the Fire: Wisdom for Life by Dr. Gardner C. Taylor“Amazingly, many people of faith and members of the reading public have not heard of Gardner Taylor or his accomplishments. Publication of Faith in the Fire attempts to rectify this by providing an accessible introduction to Dr. Taylor’s enduring wisdom...

In 1948, Taylor became pastor of the Concord Baptist Church of Brooklyn, the church where he earned his reputation as a champion fighter for social justice and community uplift, and received acclaim as one of the great preachers in American history… Faith in the Fire: Wisdom for Life adds a unique contribution to Dr. Taylor’s legacy by attempting to gather his philosophical gems and present them in a fashion that readers can easily access.” -Excerpted from the Introduction (pgs xii-xxi)

Motherless child yearns for reunion in inspirational family flick

Motherless child yearns for reunion in inspirational family flickTrinity Goodheart (Erica Gluck) is inconsolable from the moment her mother (Kellin Watson) vanishes into thin air through the fateful day she finds half of a heart-shaped pendant lying on her bed. Convincing herself that the precious keepsake was delivered by a guardian angel on behalf of her long-lost mother, the desperate 12 year-old seizes on the discovery as a promising sign of a possible impending reunion. After all, the saying inscribed on the back of the torn locket prophesies, “Every broken heart longs to be whole again.”
Such wistful thinking is understandable given how immature her father, Jeremy (Eric Benet), has been behaving lately. The aspiring musician has barely been able to keep a roof over their heads since quitting his steady job at a bank. Consequently, he’s currently been reduced to playing his saxophone for tips on the streets of Boston.

Premonition dooms colleagues in high body-count horror flick

Premonition dooms colleagues in high body-count horror flick Fair warning: Final Destination 5 is a relentlessly-gruesome horror flick of no redeeming value which splatters loads of blood and guts virtually right in your face courtesy of the genre’s best 3-D special effects since Piranha. Provided you have a strong stomach and an appetite for such gratutous gore, this high attrition-rate affair does knock off its characters in shocking, scream-inducing fashion.
As the film unfolds, we are introduced to 25 employees of Presage Paper Corporation preparing to spend the weekend together at a corporate retreat. Among the motley ensemble is Sam (Nicholas D’Agosto) who is considering leaving the company to pursue his dream of becoming a chef in Paris where he has just been offered an internship at a 5-star restaurant.

The Deal, the Dance and the Devil

The Deal, the Dance and the DevilThe Deal, the Dance and the Devil, is the name of the new novel by veteran author Victoria Christopher Murray, and one of her most mind-bending concepts to date. Quite like the title illustrates, the story definitely charts the development of a pickle no individual would ever want to go through when dealing with the struggle for wealth and power in the dawn of this horrid recession. As the story unfolds, the reader realizes that when it comes to standing in faith, sometimes temptation becomes the hardest part of the journey.

“Don’t quit when you’re three feet from gold,” Murray shares about the message in the book, “If only the couple and others would stay the course—wait one more month, they’d actually get to where they’re going. For me the message was simple after I wrote it, no matter what you’re going through, you can get through anything with God.”

Erica Gluck and Young Marqus

Erica Gluck and Young MarqusThe youth engine is chugging along in full steam when it comes to today’s rising stars and their ascent towards success in entertainment. For two dramatically diverse talents, Erica Gluck and Young Marqus, it has been their skill set that has demanded such an attention from audiences worldwide and has them both cornering the market as today’s next to blow-in the entertainment industry.

At all of 12 years old, Gluck got her start doing commercials for companies like Target. But, it was a role on the hit sitcom The Game as the character ‘Brit Brat’ which made her a household name.

Between seasons, Gluck set her sights on conquering the world of entertainment on a larger platform. A role alongside Paula Patton and Keifer Sutherland in a film entitled Mirrors helped her stretch her abilities. She also had the opportunity to play little sister to Nick Cannon in the film American Son.
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