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Feb 11th

Adorable Orphans Charm Diabolical Villain in Heartwarming Animated Adventure

Adorable Orphans Charm Diabolical Villain in Heartwarming Animated Adventure Despicable Me

Despite the fact that the title character at the center of Despicable Me might sound a little bit like Shrek, don’t let any superficial similarities discourage you from catching this equally-delightful animated adventure. Yes, at first blush, its ugly antihero is reminiscent of the much-beloved ogre, but it doesn’t take long for this variation on the theme to blossom into a thoroughly original persona.

Gru (Steve Carrell) is a hook-nosed hunchback with a vaguely Transylvanian accent who has singlehandedly ruined the otherwise idyllic slice of suburbia where he resides. Everyone on the block has learned to give the gruesome-looking misanthrope a wide berth; after all, his house is not only painted black but surrounded by a dead lawn. Plus, whenever he ventures into town in his road-hogging, jet-propelled tank, he tends to cause minor disturbances, like when he used one of his inventions to freeze everyone on line in front of him at the local coffee shop.

Chilling Expose’ Highlights TSA’s Failings

Chilling Expose’ Highlights TSA’s FailingsPlease Remove Your Shoes

In response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, President Bush quickly signed into law a bill creating the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), a new federal bureaucracy entrusted with the task of preventing further hijackings. This ill-advised move was ostensibly a knee jerk reaction to the failure of the FAA to avert the tragedy. However, anybody who follows national news knows that the TSA has had a pretty spotty record.

Consider the underwear and shoe bombers who both subsequently made it past screeners and no-fly lists to board planes where their suicide attempts were only aborted by the heroic efforts of alert passengers. How could such close calls still be occurring when this much-heralded division of Homeland Security is spending billions of dollars annually on everything from x-ray machines to surveillance cameras to air marshals?

Bella’s back and still torn between two supernatural suitors

Bella’s back and still torn between two supernatural suitorsThe Twilight Saga: Eclipse

There’s really not much reason for me to go on at length about this third (of four) installments in the review-proof Twilight series, given that the diehard fans of the franchise are second only to Harry Potter’s in terms of brand loyalty. The movie is based on the Stephenie Meyer best seller which in turn was ostensibly-inspired by Emily Bronte’s gothic novel “Wuthering Heights.”

At the point of departure, the end of senior year is fast approaching at Forks High School. But where valedictorian Jessica (Anna Kendrick) is concentrating on practicing her graduation speech, her good friend Bella (Kristen Stewart), our human heroine, basically still finds herself torn romantically between vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

Prince and The Steele Family among 2010 Minnesota Black Music Award Legacy recipients

Prince and The Steele Family among 2010 Minnesota Black Music Award Legacy recipientsThe producers of the 2010 Minnesota Black Music Awards announce the selection of recipients recognizing contributions to music, arts, communications, business, education and community service. Prince, the father of The Minneapolis Sound and whose contributions to music is second to none and Minnesota’s first families of music, The Steele Family of brothers and sisters J.D, Jearlyn, Jevetta, Fred and Billy Steele are slated to receive the first 2010 MBMA Life Time Achievement and Legacy award commemorating thirty years of music excellence.

Average Joe Dates a Perfect Ten in Charming, if Raunchy Teensploit

Average Joe Dates a Perfect Ten in Charming, if Raunchy TeensploitShe's Out of My League

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) suffers from a bad case of low self-esteem, between being dumped by his condescending girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), and his dwindling dream of becoming a pilot. Sadly, he’s had to settle for a job as a baggage screener at Pittsburgh International Airport and for spending most of his free time with three of his co-workers (TJ Miller, Nate Torrence and Mike Vogel) instead of dating.

This Average Joe’s fortunes finally start to change the day an attractive passenger (Alice Eve) accidentally leaves her phone behind after passing through security. For when Molly later dials her own cell to locate it, Kirk answers and agrees to return it at a party she’ll be hosting upon her return to town. He has no idea that despite being gorgeous, she’s insecure because her hunky ex-boyfriend (Geoff Stults) had cheated on her. Consequently, she’s now willing to consider a nice guy even if he’s not exactly handsome.

Fraternizing with the First Brother-in-Law

Fraternizing with the First Brother-in-LawCraig Robinson. - The “A Game of Character” Interview

Craig Robinson was born in Chicago on April 21, 1962, to Fraser and Marian Robinson and raised in a modest home where he had to share a room with his younger sister, Michelle. With help of devoted parents, who made major sacrifices on their behalf, both children were inspired to excel academically and were admitted to Princeton University.

6’6” Craig was also a basketball phenom who was twice voted the Ivy League Player of the Year during his college tenure. This meant that Michelle grew up in the shadow of her protective big brother. But today, those roles are reversed with Craig in the shadow of his world famous sibling, since she’s now the First Lady of the United States.

After playing basketball professionally in Europe, he earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, and entered the world of finance where he enjoyed a meteoric rise until another dream beckoned, namely, to coaching. Craig spent two years as the head coach at Brown, where he spearheaded a revival of the school’s flagging program, winning more games in his first two years than any other head coach in the school’s basketball history before being named the Ivy League Basketball Coach of the Year.

Go cook Something!

Go cook Something!Go Cook Something: A Cooking Survival Guide for Active Independent Children
by Tiana North with a little help from her mom Taliba Holliday
Paperback, $15.95
240 pages, illustrated
ISBN: 978-1450574402

“My Mom and Dad separated when I was still in Underoos, so I’ve had to help Mom a lot…Ever since I could pick up a spoon, my Mom has had me in the kitchen… I think every kid needs to learn how to cook to some extent. This cookbook should get you started. The recipes are very simple…

I hope pre-teens and teens use this cookbook to better take care of yourselves, and to become more independent of your parents while eating healthy, nutritious meals. I can’t believe I’m saying that—I’m starting to sound just like my Mom already! ” - Excerpted from the Introduction
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