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Feb 08th

DVD Features Janitor Going Postal in Offbeat Romantic Comedy

DVD Features Janitor Going Postal in Offbeat Romantic ComedyLast Day of Summer

Joe (DJ Qualls) is on edge and right at the end of his rope. He’s the janitor at a fast food joint being run like a boot camp by Mr. Crolick (William Sadler). While all the workers at Burger Heaven find themselves the brunt of their boss’ abuse, the sadist taskmaster really seems to revel in torturing his custodian, teasing the gangly young man about everything from his looks to his intelligence.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Joe might be a prime candidate for “Going Postal” in this era when an automatic weapon is many a disgruntled employee’s answer to discontent on the job. This candidate’s breaking point arrives the day that Mr. Crolick gives him a new toilet brush in front of the entire staff before forcing him to plunge his arm elbow deep into a feces-filled bowl. Then, to add insult to injury, before he has a chance to quit, Joe’s fired for insubordination. So, he quietly plots his revenge, purchasing a pistol and recording a farewell tape explaining why he’s about to go on a rampage.

Night Catches Us: Tanya Hamilton interview

Night Catches Us: Tanya Hamilton interview We’ve heard of love in the time of war, but sometimes war supercedes the time that is necessary for creating love. But not through the eyes of Tanya Hamilton.

Hamilton’s debut feature film Night Catches Us, is an urban tale centered on the love of Marcus Washington (Anthony Mackie), a former Black Panther turned drifter, and Patricia Wilson (Kerry Washington), the whisper of a love that he’d left behind when he fled Philadelphia. Washington finds himself returning home to the grounds where his political journey began. Yet time has given him new eyes and no longer does he agree with the direction his comrades have taken their mission. As his love for the movement fades, his heart begins to collect those lost shadows, bringing to him an unrequited desire to meld the haze of yesterday with a love that’s here and now.

Night Catches Us, premiered on the third night of The First Annual Twin Cities Film Festival. Hamilton was also presented with a “Distinction in Filmmaking” award by Minnesota Women In Film & Television, an organization which also assisted Hamilton in finding some of the resources necessary to explore her vision within the canvas of filmmaking.

The Quintessence of Essence

The Quintessence of EssenceEssence Atkins - The “Are We There Yet?” Interview

Essence Atkins was born in New York City on February 7, 1972. Between her innate sense of comedy and girl-next-door charm, it makes sense that she has become one of Hollywood's most sought-after talents. Last year, she played a lead role in Dance Flick, a spoof of the dance genre produced by the Wayans Brothers.

On the UPN comedy series Half & Half, she starred as Dee Dee Thorne, a privileged, honor-roll law school graduate searching for her identity. Still, Essence is probably best known for her role as Yvette Henderson in the syndicated Disney series The Smart Guy and for her recurring role as Marnie on Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.

CNN Special Deals with Black America’s Money Woes

CNN Special Deals with Black America’s Money Woes Almighty Debt

Soledad O’Brien’s latest CNN special report in her Black in America series is certainly her most practical yet in that it addresses the timely question of how to manage your money during these trying financial times. The show is apt to be of salient interest to African-American communities all across the country, given how they’re beset by skyrocketing rates of unemployment and home foreclosures.

At the center of this installment is Reverend Buster Soaries who sets the tone at the outset by making the incendiary comment that “Debt is a bigger problem than racism” for black folks today. The New Jersey-based minister is no stranger to controversy, having run interference for President Bush in the wake of the heavily-disputed 2000 Presidential Election by serving as the first Chairman of the Administration’s newly-established Election Assistance Commission.

Talented teen, cut from X-Factor debut, hit with deport order

Talented teen, cut from X-Factor debut, hit with deport order(GIN) – Zimbabwe teen and songbird Gamu Nhengu, who gave a standout performance for the British “ X Factor” reality show, is bearing up under trying times. After getting cut by one vote by the Factor’s panel of four white judges, she is now threatened with deportation by order of the UK Border Agency.

After her recent showstopping performance on X Factor, judge Cheryl Cole gushed: “I thought you were adorable, I got you. I love your style of song and how you perform.

But I'm sorry Gamu," the judge told the 18-year Zimbabwean student who lives in Scotland before delivering the bad news.

Leading artistic and professional lives

Leading artistic and professional livesThis is the third in a series of artist biographies aimed at illuminating the depth of talent, creative and productivity Minnesota artist bring to their craft and to our community and culture in the broadest sense. Again we focus on three more incredibly talented members of Grammy Award-winning Sounds of Blackness.

White House Diary

 White House Diary“During my four years in the White House, I kept a personal diary by dictating my thoughts and observations several times each day… When dictating entries to my diary… I intertwined my personal opinions and activities with a brief description of the official duties I performed.

Readers should remember that I seldom exercised any restraint on what I dictated, because I did not contemplate the more personal entries ever being made public… Despite a temptation to conceal my errors, misjudgments of people, or lack of foresight, I decided when preparing this book not to revise the original transcript…

Throughout this book, I wrote explanatory notes to help the reader understand the context of the entries, bring to life the duties of a president, offer insights into a number of the people I worked with, and point out how many of the important challenges remain the same… In presenting this annotated diary, my intention is not to defend or excuse my own actions or to criticize others, but simply to provide, based on current knowledge, an objective analysis.”
-- Excerpted from the Preface (pgs. xiii-xv)
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