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Feb 10th

Tiffany Carter; 8 days a week music

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tiffanycarterWhen music is your main focus, your craft doesn’t take a vacation just because the sun goes down. Nor does the impact of a song subside whenever a track has spun to a close.

For NEO-SOUL and R&B Songstress Tiffany Carter, the hustle to garner her official stripes in the Music Industry is a fete that calls her every 24 hours; a cycle that never rests as long as her art has a story to tell, and there are ears further than a whisper.

8 Days a week music.

No, she’s not a Barbie Doll in a halter dress, she’s the gimmick that is the gimmick of representing reality rather than shaping a dishonest truth inside clever packaging. She’s a smile, a voice, and an indefinable feeling of awe that reaches your soul whenever her microphone is present.

Dripping with abounds of talent from a buttery voice, pure in sensation, and profound beyond compare, she’s what the industry lacks and what our ears and hearts desire; she’s a praise in the wind, as lyrics glide over melodies and conform into triumph.

With the fury of a thousand footsteps, she’s proceeding without caution on a mission to garner her signature its right of passage; a label, a record company home, and a contract that will allow her to create and redefine a sound that has been lost to many a fallen artists.

A day ahead of the world around her, Carter redefines Real music, told from an honest perspective with quality as the main event.

Her songs “Happy,” and “Loving You,” off of her album “Mama’s Baby” are taking the Midwest by storm. Apart from that, in the past 7 days with write ups in the Insight Newspaper, two interviews with major east coast radio stations, a song feature on DC’s Q the Question website, and an introduction into the Miami music scene, the road is stretching forward to allow Tiffany Carter the run of the land.

It’s time you accepted the rain, cause Tiffany Carter is here to shower you with music in the truest form. Get acquainted for a lifetime; understand the presence of vocal beauty.

Visit Tiffany Carters website or ReverbNation Page: or


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