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Feb 10th

Poet and Award Winning screenwriter Tye Green is up and coming filmmaker

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tyegreenWhen it comes to art, the interpretation of excellence affects everyone differently when one’s vision elopes gracefully within the perimeter of a blank canvas. From Van Gogh to Aaron Douglas, and even through the Impressionist era and onto the beauty of a Gordon Parks photograph, the uniqueness of every artist gives birth to the importance of individualism. But in this day and age, in order to further touch the masses, an artist’s vision needs to be a closer reach than the confining walls of a picture frame.

With writing and film production, that same theory of individualism holds true. An original idea is born, nurtured, and expound upon, until its creation dares to travel through the extensions of a writer's fingertips. Yet when the marriage of visual words adjoin with the beauty of a life in photographs, the pages begin to move and art is no longer affixed to one dimension. So what better place for a writer to tell a more visual story than to take their original idea from the trappings of paper and onto the television screen? For poet and Award Winning screenwriter Tye Green, making the transition from the page to a moving picture is proving to be an excellent decision in furthering her career as an up and coming filmmaker.

Them!, a television pilot created from the amazing mind of Green and her collaborative team, is at the ending stages of pre-production.  The project is already proving to everyone within an ear shot, that it's going to pave a new road in the world of free cinematic expression. With the idea, born from the walls of Green's openly gay lifestyle, the show speaks positively to not only the African American GLBT community, but rather it works to dispel the trail of derogatory stereotypes that are sometimes associated with these individuals. “I think if people see a television show that displays this choice in lifestyle in a positive light, it will lesson some of the derogatory statements and some of the ignorance that comes from lack of understanding,” Green states.

As the world becomes more accepting of people's choice in lifestyle, our televisions sets begin to reflect this positive new direction. Shows like The L Word, Noah's Arc and the once famed Queer as Folk, generally target all audiences, but their theme emphasizes a lavish lifestyle attributed solely to the rich and/or famous. Although these shows are celebrated for their excellence, this makes it hard for people to personally identify with any of the characters.

That is an obstructive wall that Them! never attempts to put up. The show is centered on the lives of six lesbian women and their daily exploits. The theme is like a cross between the shows The L Word and Girlfriends. Through this production, which Green will present to HBO for possible pick up, she is finally bridging the narrow gap by creating realistic female African American GLBT characters in far more than just ensemble roles. What makes Them! further unique is that the characters are more like you and me and are inter-relatable to every audience apart from the focal point of the content.

The show begins filming October 3rd, and at this point since it is not yet attached to a big network, is still an independent production. This is a plus, as most filmmakers know, because it gives Green creative control over her vision and its direction. But in essence, it's safe to say, that most films derive a lot of their success during production through use of a shared effort. Green, who believes in the beauty of unifying to create something, has a volunteer production team of seasoned veterans as well as College interns, working together perfectly to keep the wheels turning in order to forge her vision. “Film students are the ones who are most passionate about what they're going to do,” says Green, “They're the ones who are going to put in the time and the energy, and they're the ones who still truly believe in film. It's easy to get burnt out after years in the industry whereas they're still passionate about the creative process.”

Auditions for Them! are being held September 26.  Currently the majority of interest in auditioning has been reaching out from the Caucasian community. Although Them! will reflect a positive balance amongst the races and nationalities, the show hopes to employ a more dominate African American cast as to be more of a reflection of the life Green knows and lives as an African American woman. If you're interested in auditioning, I encourage you to contact Green.

The show is also in need of donations on the days of production. To be independent also denotes an idea of self-funding to bring your vision to the forefront. Because all the hands on deck are those of volunteers, Green hopes to acquire food donations to feed the cast and crew on days of filming. If you can help in any way, please contact the production. You'd be helping Green blur the lines of acceptance and bring another genre out in the open that speaks to many individuals who's personal story is definitely worth telling.

This is the progressive age; a time when freedom of expression should be celebrated in all avenues. With Green in the picture, and now reaching outward from behind the confinement of a camera, she's emitting a new beam of light on a world that is truly ready to be delivered into the mainstream spotlight. 

For more information on this production and how you can help or become involved, please visit this link at the MN Film Board

To send a resume/headshot to be considered for an audition, or to donate to the production, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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